Spring is one of the best seasons to travel Japan. Not only the climate is so nice, but Japanese cherry blossom, sakura blooms. This Spring Travel Guide will help those who travel to Japan in spring. Spring through winter, four seasons and the transitions can be seen very vividly in Japan.

Spring is to be the most beautiful season and also the busiest in Japan. Many people come to see sakura (Japanese cherry blossom): symbol of Japanese spring. Japanese spring starts from March and ends on May. When it gets warmer in March, sakura starts to fully bloom. Spring is one of the most pleasant and cozy seasons in terms of the climate.

In Japan, school year and fiscal year starts on April. On the beginning of May, there is small holidays called “golden week” and during the holidays, many people take a break from work and go on a vacation.

Travel Tips for Spring in Japan

The first priority is Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing/picnic). Check out the are specific cherry blossom forecasts and let’s go out and see them when it is the perfect timing. The best time to see cherry blossoms is only around a week for each area, so you should really check the blooming forecasts before you head out. There are many ways to enjoy cherry blossoms. It is nice to view them at a park, a cafe, a restaurant or even on a cruise enjoying a food and a drink.

Cherry blossom festivals take place in many places that are famous for cherry blossoms. During the festival, many stalls open on a street and the trees get lit up when it gets dark.

Here, we have the average temperature in Tokyo in these three years. Please refer this when you are considering what to wear.

Average Temperature in Tokyo

March: 10℃/50℉

April: 15℃/59℉

May: 20℃/68℉

Let’s go out and experience delightful Japanese spring!


Spring is the most popular season for foreign tourists to visit in Japan throughout the year because of cherry blossom, Japanese iconic flowers also known as Sakura. In addition to cherry blossoms, they can see other beautiful spring flowers all over the country. There are a lot of things to do including outdoor activities and traditional festivals from March to May.

Spring in Japan: 10 Best Things to Do in 2024


The best season to see cherry blossoms in each area may be shorter than you expect. Many cherry blossoms in warmer regions bloom from March while some Sakura in colder ares flourish in April. You can view them in the best condition for about a week around the fully-blooming time. To fully enjoy the best cherry blossom wherever you visit, check the best time to see them in advance.

Cherry Blossom Forecast in Japan 2024


There are lots of spots perfect for cherry blossom viewing, which is known as Hanami in Japanese, all over Japan. From the northernmost prefecture Hokkaido to the southern region Kyushu, you can enjoy seeing beautiful cherry blossom in spring. Before taking a trip to each area, let's make a perfect plan to visit best places to see cherry blossoms.

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Besides cherry blossoms, there are a wide variety of spring flowers and flower festivals that can be enjoyed across Japan, including wisteria, nemophila and shibazakura.

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