Best Afternoon Tea in Kyoto: Spring 2024

The best Spring Afternoon Tea events including Sakura and Strawberry in Kyoto

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Spring in Japan, with its iconic cherry blossoms, beckons travelers from around the globe with its serene landscapes, and Kyoto, with its historical charm and cultural richness, stands out as a prime destination during this season.

Amidst the blooming Sakura, the city offers a unique way to immerse in the celebration of spring through Sakura afternoon teas, an exquisite blend of tradition and seasonal beauty. Additionally, late winter and early spring see strawberries becoming a favored ingredient, inspiring a plethora of strawberry-themed afternoon teas.

These events not only provide international visitors with a taste of Japan’s renowned seasonal flavors but also offer a luxurious experience of Japanese hospitality and culinary artistry.

In this article, I will share with you our picks for the 10 best afternoon tea events in Kyoto for Spring 2024!


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The first Afternoon Tea event on our list is the Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi- Spring at ROKU KYOTO which is a spring-themed afternoon tea experience available from March 4 to May 31. This event is a celebration of flowers and fruits, featuring a delightful cherry blossom parfait that embodies the spirit of the season.

Guests can enjoy a diverse array of sweets infused with floral essences like sakura and rose, alongside innovative savories and desserts such as rose-scented baba, warabi mochi, elderflower jelly, and hibiscus squash. Seasonal highlights include a cherry blossom parfait, strawberry and mint macarons, and kinako and matcha tart, accompanied by unique savory options.

Afternoon Tea -kitayama sugi- Spring

Period: March 4 to May 31, 2024

Location: Restaurant TENJIN (ROKU KYOTO )

Hours: 14:00~16:30

Price: 7,000 yen

2. Trattoria M Kyoto

5. Trattoria M Kyoto
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Next on our list is the Tokimeki★Strawberry Afternoon Tea at Trattoria M Kyoto, situated in the Mercure Kyoto Station, which offers a unique celebration of strawberries from January 6 to March 31.

Guests can savor a variety of eight strawberry-infused sweets such as mille-feuille and Earl Grey ganache, alongside savory strawberry-topped quiches. The experience is enhanced by a curated selection of beverages, including the exclusive “Heaven Scent” organic tea from Sri Lanka, and diverse coffee options.

Tokimeki★Strawberry Afternoon Tea

Period: January 6 to March 31, 2024

Location: Trattoria M Kyoto

Hours: Starting anytime between 14:30~15:00 (120-minute session)

Price: 4,000 yen

3. Laduree Kyoto Shijo

1. Laduree Kyoto Shijo

The Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea at Ladurée Kyoto Shijo is a seasonal offering that beautifully encapsulates the essence of spring through cherry blossom-flavored delights.

From March 1 to April 12, the menu is a mix of sweet and savory treats including exclusive Sakura and Ispahan macarons, the latter blending rose and raspberry notes. Guests can savor unique pastries like the Sakura Saint Honoré and Sakura Shortcake, alongside cherry-flavored cake salé and sakura shrimp quiche, embodying spring’s freshness.

Optional extras like champagne and strawberry-decorated mini parfaits enhance the leisurely experience.

Cherry Blossom Afternoon Tea

Period: March 1 to April 12, 2024

Location: Laduree Kyoto Shijo

Price: 13,200 yen (reservation for two people)

4. Tea Lounge MAYFAIR

6. Tea Lounge MAYFAIR

The Strawberry Afternoon Tea Blanc hosted by Tea Lounge MAYFAIR in the picturesque Higashiyama district of Kyoto, running from February 15 to March 31, offers an exquisite celebration of strawberries.

With a theme centered around the color white, the afternoon tea creatively uses white elements like cream and mascarpone to enhance the striking red of strawberries. The menu includes a variety of delicious sweets such as strawberry shortcake, tiramisu, and macarons, all featuring the freshest strawberries of the day. Savory items also complement the theme, with innovative dishes like strawberry and duck tartlets and strawberry sandwiches.

Strawberry afternoon tea blanc

Period: February 15 to March 31, 2024

Location: Tea Lounge MAYFAIR

Hours: Three sessions daily (11:30~12:00, 14:00~14:30, 15:00~15:30) (120-minute session)

Price: 6,500 yen

5. Kyoto Art Grace Wedding Hills

7. Kyoto Art Grace Wedding Hills

The Hannari Sakura Afternoon Tea at Kyoto Art Grace Wedding Hills is a delightful celebration of spring, set against the backdrop of cherry blossom season on specific dates from March to April.

Guests can indulge in a collection of Japanese-inspired sweets and savories, symbolizing the essence of spring. Noteworthy are the Sakura and Matcha Mont Blanc Parfait with charming cherry blossom toppings, alongside Matcha and Sakura Choux Cream, and Strawberry with White Bean Cream Shiratama Dumplings.

Savory dishes include spring-themed items like bamboo shoot and rape blossoms with pink rice crust, and salmon and ikura temari sushi, offering a perfect blend of seasonal flavors and visual appeal.

Hannari Sakura Afternoon Tea

Period: March 2 to April 29, 2024 (on weekends and holidays)

Location: Kyoto Art Grace Wedding Hills

Hours: Two sessions daily (12:30~14:00, 14:45~16:15) (90-minute session)

Price: Adults 4,500 yen / Children (up to 6th grade) 1,500 yen

6. The Taste (Sequence KYOTO GOJO)

2. The Taste
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At The Taste (inside the Sequence KYOTO GOJO hotel), the Strawberry Chocolate Afternoon Tea event from February 1 to April 30 offers a unique celebration of strawberries and chocolate.

This special afternoon tea presents an array of strawberry-centric treats, including a highlight of Earl Grey and strawberry parfait, alongside strawberry and rose mousse and delectable strawberry choux cream. Guests can also savor over 15 types of meticulously selected teas, recommended by the staff in a sequence that complements the desserts.

Strawberry chocolate afternoon tea

Period: February 1 to April 30, 2024

Location: THE TASTE (sequence KYOTO GOJO)

Hours: Starting anytime between 14:00~15:00

Price: 4,500 yen

7. All Day Dining Kazahana (Kyoto Tokyu Hotel)

8. All Day Dining Kazahana

The Afternoon Tea Made with Matcha at All Day Dining Kazahana, located in Kyoto Tokyu Hotel in the heart of Kyoto, offers a unique afternoon tea experience centered around matcha from the renowned Uji tea house, Gion Tsujiri.

This special plan treats guests to a selection of sweets such as matcha gateau chocolat and matcha macarons, along with savory items that incorporate the distinct flavor of matcha. The offer also includes unlimited refills of coffee and tea, adding to the enjoyment.

Set in a modern space infused with Japanese aesthetics, this afternoon tea invites guests to savor a moment of elegance and tranquility, available throughout the year.

Afternoon tea made with matcha

Period: All year long

Location: All Day Dining Kazahana (Kyoto Tokyu Hotel)

Hours: 12:00~17:00 (L.O.15:30)

Price: 4,500 yen

8. Le Bon Vivre

9. Le Bon Vivre

The Amaou Strawberry Afternoon Tea at Le Bon Vivre offers a delightful experience, complete with a sparkling wine toast on weekdays. Situated conveniently close to Shijo Subway Station and Hankyu Karasuma Station, this brasserie, under the guidance of the renowned Kyoto bakery Shinshindo, is a haven for pastry enthusiasts.

This afternoon tea celebrates the season with a lavish use of Amaou strawberries, known for their perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Paired with an exquisite selection of coffee and tea, guests are invited to indulge in an elegant leisure time. An added touch of a personalized message plate with dessert makes it ideal for marking special occasions, ensuring a memorable experience.

Amaou Strawberry Afternoon Tea

Period: Up to April 30, 2024

Location: Le Bon Vivre

Hours: Starting at 14:00 or 15:00 (120-minute session)

Price: 4,000 yen

9. Tea and Bar (The Thousand Kyoto)

3. Tea and Bar

The Strawberry Afternoon Tea ~Red Masquerade~ at Tea and Bar (in The Thousand Kyoto Hotel) offers a luxurious experience from January 15 to April 21, inspired by the elegance of a masquerade ball.

This unique event features an enchanting selection of strawberry-themed sweets and savories, making it a celebration of the beloved fruit. Guests are invited to indulge in this sensory delight while enjoying unlimited tea and café lattes, enhancing the overall experience.

Strawberry Afternoon Tea ~Red Masquerade~

Period: January 15 to April 21, 2024

Location: Tea and Bar (The Thousand Kyoto)

Hours: Three sessions daily (11:30~13:30, 15:00~17:00, 18:30~20:30) (120-minute session)


  • Menu only: 6,500 yen
  • Menu + Pair Sheet (Scalae): 7,800 yen
  • Menu + Glass of Champagne: 7,800 yen

10. KIHARU Brasserie (Cross Hotel)

10. KIHARU Brasserie
Copyright © ORIX Hotel Management Corporation.

And lastly, on our list, is the Afternoon Tea: Strawberry & Chocolate Delight at KIHARU Brasserie in Cross Hotel Kyoto. This Afternoon Tea is available from January 15 to May 6, and offers a luxurious tea time experience in the sophisticated ambiance of what’s known as Kyoto’s adult playground.

This special afternoon tea begins with “The First Strawberry,” celebrating the fresh taste of domestic strawberries, and unfolds with seven varieties of sweets that beautifully marry the flavors of strawberry and chocolate. Accompanied by six types of savory items that reflect the brasserie’s casual yet authentic approach, the tea is served on a tea stand made of Kitayama cedar, ensuring a visually stunning and satisfying experience.

Afternoon Tea: Strawberry & Chocolate Delight

Period: January 15 to May 6, 2024

Location: KIHARU Brasserie (Cross Hotel)

Hours: 11:30~16:30

Price: 5,500 yen

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I hope you enjoyed this article about some of the best Afternoon Tea events in Kyoto for Spring 2024. Whether you choose to go to a Sakura afternoon tea or a strawberry afternoon tea, there is no doubt you’ll have a pleasant experience!

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