Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 in Japan

Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast : Check out the latest status of cherry blossoms in Japan 2019!!

Cherry Blossom Forecast and Map in Japan

Check out the Cherry Blossom Forecast 2019 in Japan and plan your perfect spring trip to Japan! We are sharing the best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan and best time to see them on this Sakura Forecast 2019!

2019 Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Check out our cherry blossom forecast 2019 and don’t miss the best moment to see beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan! The information will be updated frequently till the cherry blossom season ends. (source:

The cherry blossom season in 2019 is expected to arrive Japan slightly earlier or same as the average year. Usually cherry blossoms start opening in late March to early April, reach full blooming after 5–7 days, and can be enjoyed viewing for about 1 week depending on weather condition. FYI, last year, the cherry blossoms in most parts of Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka started 7–10 days earlier than the average year. The temperature in February and March in 2019 has been a bit higher than the average year which might speed up the process of cherry blossom opening.

Cherry blossoms in southern and western part of Japan started blooming at many locations around 20–25th March and are expected to reach full bloom in early April. Cherry blossoms in Tokyo first started opening on 21 March, and has reached in full bloom on 27 March. In Kyoto and Osaka, cherry blossoms were spotted open, however since then the temperature has dropped down, therefore they are expected to reach full bloom in early April. Cherry blossoms in northern part of Japan are expected to start in early to mid April.

<Latest Update>

The latest cherry blossom forecast update according to JMC (Japan Meteorological Corporation) states that the peak season of cherry blossoms in west and east Japan has passed including Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima, though, cherry blossoms in some of mountain areas are currently in full bloom such as in Nagano and around Mt Fuji.

In case you have missed the best viewing time of cherry blossoms in mainland of Japan, we highly recommend you to head north (Tohoku region, Hokkaido and some mountain areas in Nagano) as their best viewing time is 2–4 weeks later than Tokyo or Kyoto. The peak season in northern Japan will start in the mid to end April, and the best viewing time should be end April to early May including Hirosaki City and Hokkaido.

Hope you are enjoying the most beautiful moment in Japan 😉

Estimated Cherry Blossom First Bloom and Current Status in 2019

The estimated first bloom schedule (last updated on 20 April 2019) and the current status (in brackets) of popular tourist destinations in Japan is as below:

Sapporo 26 April (not open yet)

Aomori 18 April (not open yet)

Fukushima 5 April (Full Bloom)

Tokyo 21 March (Season Ended)

Yokohama 21 March (Season Ended)

Nagano 13 April (Full Bloom)

Kanazawa 1 April (Season Ended)

Kyoto 27 March (Season Ended)

Osaka 27 March (Season Ended)

Hiroshima 22 March (Season Ended)

Fukuoka 21 March (Season Ended)

Cherry Blossoms Forecast Map 2019

The map below indicates the expected best viewing time of cherry blossoms in Japan this year. The best viewing time is about 5–7 days after the first bloom of cherry blossoms, then lasts about a week depending on weather conditions.

Cherry blossom forecast map in Japan


This forecast is subject to change due to unexpected temperature changes, rain and wind, which may effect on the cherry trees to quicken or delay their blooming time.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in 2019

Here are some of best places to see cherry blossoms in Japan in 2019!

Tokyo: Shinjuku Gyoen, Meguro River, Chidorigafuchi, Ueno Park, Sumida River, Top 12 in Tokyo, Cherry Blossoms Night Viewing Spots, Cherry Blossom Festivals in Tokyo, Cherry Blossom Viewing Restaurants, Cherry Blossom Viewing Cruises in Tokyo

Kyoto: Philosopher’s Walk, Maruyama Park, Daigoji Temple, Ninnaji Temple, Heian Shrine, Top 10 in Kyoto

Kanto Area: Odawara Castle, Saitama, Kamakura, Yokohama, Mt.Akagi, Top 10 near Tokyo

Mt. Fuji: Fuji Kawaguchiko Cherry Blossom Festival, Fuji 5 Lakes, Oshino Hakkai, Fuji Shibazakura Festival

Kansai: Osaka (Osaka Castle, Osaka Mint Bureau, Expo’70 Commemorative Park), Nara (Yoshinoyama, Tanzan Shrine)

Shikoku: Mt.Shiude

Tohoku: Hirosaki Castle, Kitakami Tenshochi, Shiroishi River, Takada Castle

Hokkaido: Hakodate, Sapporo

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