Cherry Blossoms at Chikuma River, Nagano

4 km SAKURA Embankment at Chikuma River Bank in Nagano Prefecture

This breathtaking view can be captured at Sakurazutsumi along the Chikuma River in Obuse Town, Nagano Prefecture. Obuse Town is located 20km north east of Nagano City, a small yet cultural town known as home of famous Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai in his later life.

600 cherry trees in two rows stretch along Chikuma River bank for approx 4km long, creating a spectacular flower tunnel. Visitors can also enjoy the amazing view of cherry blossoms by the river, and with other spring flowers such as canola flowers.

The type of cherry trees at Chikuma River Sakurazutsumi is called Yaezakura, which usually start blooming later than typical cherry trees (Somei Yoshino) in Japan and the best viewing time is usually late April to early May. Don’t miss a chance to pass through the superb embankment of spring.

-Chikuma River Sakurazutsumi Cherry Blossoms (千曲川堤防の桜堤)


Access: 18 mins walk from Obuse station

Best time to visit: late April to early May

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