Japanese transportation system is famous for its complexity among foreigners from overseas, and highly praised for its punctuality. You will have no worries using Japanese transport system with our guide on your hands. Here we explain everything you need to know about Japanese transport systems in details from train and Shinkansen (bullet trains) to bus and flight.

We suggest the best rail pass for your journey, connecting you to your destination affordably. Japan's extensive transportation network covers almost all tourist spots, ensuring easy access throughout the city. The JR Pass could be essential for your travels. For bus transportation, terminals are located at major stations, including airports, Shinjuku, and Tokyo Station, with shuttle services directly connecting tourist sites.

For long-distance travel, air routes may sometimes be cheaper than buses. Taxis are popular, with fares starting at around 400 yen. While some drivers may not speak English, showing the address or map should suffice. Renting a car with an international driver's permit is extremely convenient, especially in less developed areas like Okinawa or Hokkaido.

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The Japanese Shinkansen, or bullet train, is a high-speed railway system in Japan known for its speed, safety, and punctuality. It connects major cities with speeds reaching up to 320 km/h and offers comfortable travel with amenities like Wi-Fi and catering services. The Shinkansen has revolutionized transportation in Japan since its introduction in 1964, boasting an impeccable safety record and minimal delays.

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Besides the famous bullet train, Japan boasts an extensive network of trains and subways, especially in major cities like Tokyo and Osaka. With so many lines and different companies, navigating this network can be chaotic at first. We explain everything in various articles so that you can use transportation in Japan like a pro and save money.

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Buses in Japan serve as a vital complement to the country's extensive rail network, offering convenient transportation options for both urban and rural areas. In cities like Tokyo, buses provide essential connections to neighborhoods and areas not covered by trains. In the other hand, intercity and long-distance buses offer cost-effective travel alternatives, especially for those seeking to explore Japan's scenic countryside.

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In Japan, taxis are an efficient mode of transportation, particularly in urban areas like Tokyo. With a reputation for exceptional service, these vehicles are often preferred for short-distance travel. While fares may be relatively higher compared to other options, the convenience and comfort they provide make taxis a popular choice for locals and visitors alike in Japan.

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Tokyo is the main gateway to Japan for tourists, with two international airports. The city offers a myriad of activities, but there are also other destinations in Japan easily accessible from Tokyo that are worth visiting. Here, we'll show you the best way to get to the main tourist cities from Tokyo.

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The Narita and Haneda airports receive thousands of visitors every day. Especially Narita Airport is quite far from the center of Tokyo, and there are various transportation options to get there, from train, bus to taxi. In our guides, we explain all the available options and their pros and cons.

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Although less frequent, there are other transportation options available if you're interested.

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