Tokyo Station Bus Guide

How to travel from Tokyo Station by bus

Get to Narita Airport with the most affordable way or extend your trip to east and west comfortably, Tokyo station is the best place to make your trip much easier and more efficient by bus.

-Long distance bus

Travelling by bus in Japan is very easy and comfortable.

Tokyo station bus terminal is located in Yaesu Exit (八重洲口) and it’s where many long distance buses terminate. From Aomori (Tohoku area) to Yamaguchi (Shikoku area), you can travel pretty much everywhere in Japan by long distance bus!

Long distance bus tickets can be purchased at JR Expressway Bus at the bus terminal in Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit or online via bus company. The fares depend on the distance but for example to Hakone, it takes less than 2 hours and the fare is 1,500 to 2,000 JPY. Check the examples of travel length and fares of popular destinations as below.

Lake Kawaguchi -2 hours/ 1,800 JPY~

Kusatsu– 3.5 hours/3,000 JPY~

Kanazawa-8 hours/5,400 JPY~

Namba, Osaka– 9 hours/ 6,700 JPY~

-To Narita Airport

Also there is a bus service between Narita Airport and Tokyo station only at 1,000 JPY! There are two companies run this service and the journey takes around 70 mins.

1. JR The Access Narita- Bus service available every 15 mins even late night and early morning. The bus terminates from JR Expressway Bus Terminal Platform no.7, Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit.

2. Keisei Tokyo Shuttle- Bus service available every 20 mins. If you book online, the fare would be 900 JPY. The bus terminates from opposite the Tokyo station Yaesu Exit.

If you are wondering how to get to/from Narita Airport with reasonable price from Tokyo central area, this could be the best option. Better to book the ticket in ahead via online to reserve your seat.

▼Bus tickets can be booked via these two website (both English available)▼

JR The Access Narita

Keisei Tokyo Shuttle

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