Internet is nowadays indispensable for traveling overseas, specially in places like Japan. Even if you can have access to free wifi spots quite easily, having your own internet will make your trip to Japan more comfortable.

From being able to search for the best route and navigate through the intricate Japanese transportation system, to using a translator to communicate with the local people, and even staying in touch with your family while keeping your social networks updated with your journey, there are various reasons why having access to the internet whenever you want is much more convenient.

From Pocket Wifi to eSIM, there are various options to get internet during your trip to Japan. Here we introduce some of the best rates and top quality Internet rental options in Japan.

Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wifi

A Pocket WiFi is a small, portable device that acts as a mobile hotspot, providing Internet access. It allows you to connect multiple devices, such as smartphones or laptops, to the Internet anywhere. It's popular among travelers for staying connected on the go without relying on public WiFi or expensive roaming data.

Japan Wireless Pocket Wifi

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SIM Card

SIM card

A physical SIM card is a small, removable card that is inserted into a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to connect to a mobile network. It stores the subscriber's identity and allows the device to access voice, text, and data services provided by the carrier.



An eSIM, or embedded SIM, is a digital SIM card built into a device like a smartphone or smartwatch. It eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and allows users to switch between mobile networks remotely. This is convenient for travelers and those who frequently change carriers.

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Pocket Wifi in Japan

Although there shouldn't be any problem, it’s unsure whether smartphones overseas are compatible with eSIMS or SIM card sold in Japan. So we highly recommended the pocket WiFi rental option, specially if you are coming with more people, since one device can be use even up to 10 devices, being really useful. Pocket WiFi rental services are really popular in Japan so getting them at the airport or your hotel is fairly easy.

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eSIM and SIM Card in Japan

If you prefer a different option SIM cards, both physical and eSIM, are incredibly convenient and practical. You simply insert them into your phone, and you have instant internet access. Unlike Pocket WiFi, you don't have to worry about the device running out of battery.

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Free Wifi in Japan

In Japan, you can find free WiFi almost everywhere, making it incredibly convenient for travelers to stay connected on the go. From bustling city centers to remote rural areas, you'll often find complimentary WiFi hotspots in train stations, airports, cafes, restaurants, and even some public transportation vehicles.

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