Summer is a vacation season in all around the world, and Japan is not exceptional. There are numbers of special things to see and do in summer time such as festivals, fireworks, beach resorts and more. It’s definitely the most festive and exciting time of the year.

Summer in Japan generally from June to August. From the beginning of June, the rain season starts in most parts of Japan (except Hokkaido) and lasts till mid July with rainy and very humid weather. The temperature rises towards August, and some days of summer can reach up to 35 degrees C or above. School summer holidays are usually from July till the beginning of September, and there is a long public holiday week called Obon in the mid August, and it’s one of the highest seasons among Japanese tourists.

Along with popular summer activities such as swimming pools, beaches and BBQ, there are lots of special events which you can only see in summer time. Fireworks are held at a number of locations in Japan through summer as well as traditional Japanese summer festivals. At festivals, there are usually numbers of stalls which offer traditional summer foods and drinks.

Outdoor activities including camping and hiking are most recommended in summer time, too. Don’t miss special events held across the county which are available only in summer time.

Travel Tips for Summer in Japan

In summer time, there are a lot of chance to see fireworks or traditional summer festivals in Japan especially on weekends. It’s wise to check the event schedule in advance if you wish to join a particular event. Also in order to join traditional festivals, it’s highly recommended to wear traditional summer wear “Yukata” which is a lighter version of Kimono and can be available for rental use at many locations in Japan.

Hokkaido and Okinawa are also recommended to travel in summer time as there are numbers of summer getaway resorts. Summer in Japan is generally very hot and humid. If you feel too hot, pop into a department store or convenience stores where you can cool down with air conditioning. Make sure to hydrate yourself and use sunscreens to protect your skin from the strong sun.

Here are the average of temperatures in 3 years in Tokyo, which you may get an idea of what to wear.

Average Temperature in Tokyo

June: 22℃/71.6℉

July: 25℃/77℉

August: 27℃/80.6℉

*Temperatures can reach 35℃/95℉ to 40℃/104℉ on some days in summer.

Let’s go out and experience the breathtaking Japanese summer trip!


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