10 Best Things to Do in Osaka in June 2024

What to see and do in Osaka in June

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Summer is approaching and you are planning to visit Osaka. June in Japan is said to be the beginning of summer although it is also the rainy season in Japan.

Anytime is the best time to visit Osaka, sometimes people depend on the weather but every season there are many great things to do, discover, and experience. In this article, let’s have some quick information about June in Osaka and the best things to do.

June in Osaka

June is a sign and the beginning of summer in Japan but not as hot as we know summer in Japan. Usually in June, the weather is mild and warm during the day and fine weather at night with an average temperature of 25-27° C.

But June is also a rainy season, in Osaka, it often rains. But generally, it is nice weather so you will enjoy sightseeing, walking around the park, and attending various events. And even if it is raining there are still plenty of great things to experience such as indoor activities in Osaka and various places offering this kind of activity.

Many traditional celebrations such as events and festivals that are held annually during June, such as flower festivals and other cultural festivals. Here, let me share some of the best things to do in Osaka in June.

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1.  Experience the River Cruise in Dotonbori

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The river cruise is one of the popular dotonbori activities that will take you around the Osaka River where you can enjoy a day sightseeing which is good for refreshing and unwinding. Perfect also for groups and you can also choose any plan course such as having a meal or a drink while cruising.

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2. Attending Events and Experience Summer Festival

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Many events and festivals can be enjoyed in Osaka in June such as the Rice Planting Festival which is held in mid-June and Osaka’s famous summer festival, the Aizen Festival held from last June to early July. Additionally, there are various events in Osaka cities especially in popular tourist destinations.

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3. Have a Blast at Universal Studio Japan

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A must-visit when you go to Osaka, especially if you have kids with, surely the whole family will enjoy it. Lots of exciting rides and activities featuring popular anime manga series in Japan.

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4. Tour at Kuromon Market

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One of the most famous markets in Osaka and now also one of the tourist destinations where there are many shops, and restaurants of authentic Osaka’s famous cuisine and Japanese traditional dishes. A lot of fun activities are offered in some stores which you can enjoy. This is also a good place to buy some souvenirs and other stuff to bring home.

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5. Experience the Redhorse Osaka Wheel at Expo Park

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Riding Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel is also a great experience it is located at the Expo City in Osaka. Here you can enjoy the magnificent view of Osaka. The Osaka wheel offers a variety of events and course plans for groups such as family, friends, and dates to give more joy and excitement.

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6. Visit the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium

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The Kaiyukan Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Japan located in Osaka with over 600 marine mammals to be seen including the famous whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, otters, and many more. The whole family will surely enjoy especially with kids and you can also enjoy seeing these amazing creatures even at night.

Apart from aquariums, many activities can be enjoyed here, there is the Tempozan Harbor Village an amusement and entertainment complex, there is also a shopping center, a cruise ship, and other rides.

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7. Visit Museums

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Visiting museums is a desirable activity, especially if you want to know and learn more about the culture and history of Japan, especially Osaka. There are many large museums where various events and exhibitions are held that you can also enjoy.

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8. Have a Refreshing Experience at Minoh Park

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Best place to walk around and sightseeing as the weather is not that hot yet in June. Experience the beauty of nature with refreshing waterfalls here. You will enjoy temples and shrines, there are also restaurants and shops around. It is easy to get to from the city because there is a train station near the place, it is less than 30 minutes from Osaka station to Mino-o-station.

9. Soak and Experience Japan Onsen

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In general, no matter when you visit Japan and anywhere, it is always a good experience to try Japanese onsen. Give yourself a unique experience of relaxing by soaking in the onsen that relaxes your body after a tiring day exploring Osaka.

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10. Take a Quick Tour in Kyoto

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Since Osaka and Kyoto are not far from each other, you can experience Kyoto when you visit Osaka. There are many ways to travel from Osaka to Kyoto very quick and easily, but the best way is traveling by train. You can enjoy the famous tourist destination of Kyoto even in just one day.

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Thank you for reading, Hope this article helps and gives you some good ideas about things to do in Osaka in June. If you would like to know more travel information about Osaka you can check the following articles below.

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