Guide to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Fuji Rock Festival: How to Join Japan's Largest Outdoor Music Festival

One of the greatest music festivals in the world, Fuji Rock Festival (フジロックフェスティバル), will be held in Japan in 2024 summer! If you are planning to join the event this summer, check out our survival guide to Fuji Rock Festival 2024 and get ideas for what has to be prepared to fully enjoy the event!

What is Fuji Rock Festival?

First of all, do you know anything about Fuji Rock Festival? Fuji Rock Festival (or simply called Fuji Rock among fans) is an outdoor music festival annually held in summer in Naeba Ski Resort, a mountainous region of Niigata Prefecture. The event was first held in 1997 at the base of Mt Fuji (that’s why it’s named Fuji Rock Festival), then has been held in its current location since 1999.

The 3-day music festival is organised by Smash Japan and features more than 200 domestic and international artists in various genres, not only rock music despite its name. It’s Japan’s largest and most famous outdoor music festival and typically attended by over 100,000 music lovers from all across the world. Amidst the sprawling nature, the event gives people a unique experience to enjoy music in a relaxing environment.

There are over 10 small and large stages in total scattered throughout the site including the main stage (Green Stage) with a capacity for over 40,000 spectators and the second largest stage (White Stage) with a capacity for approx 15,000 spectators.

The Fuji Rock Festival is considered as one of the best music festivals in the world, not only because of its scale but also because of the outstanding lineup of artists performing on the stage and attracting large audiences every year. The past acts includes Red Hot Chili Peppers, Björk, The Chemical Brothers, Eminem, Oasis, MUSE, The Stokes and many more world’s greatest artists.

Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Fuji Rock Festival will be back in 2024 summer and is set to be held on the last weekend of July (26, 27, 28 July 2024). The confirmed acts for this year includes Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, KRAFTWERK, SZA and Peggy Gou.

You can check the full lineup of artists from this link ▶ Fuji Rock Festival Lineup 2024

And if you are thinking of joining the festival, you should definitely start planning in ahead since there are some things to know and prepare to fully enjoy this special event. So let’s get ready with our guide to Fuji Rock Festival 2024!

How to Get to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Before purchasing tickets for Fuji Rock Festival, you may need to take a few things into account such as “How many days should I attend the festival?” or “Which tickets should I get?”. The picture below indicates a step-by-step guide in Japanese, but let me explain four basic steps to get to Fuji Rock Festival in English here.

Step 1- Decide how many days or which day you will attend the event

Fuji Rock Festival is held for 3 days, featuring different acts on each day, so the first thing you have to do is to decide how many days you are willing to attend the event. Check the lineup and schedule for this year and find out when your favourite artists are performing!

There are 1-day ticket and 3-day ticket available. Please note that if you decide to go for 2 days, you will need to book tickets on each day since 2-day ticket is not available. The regular price is 25,500 yen for 1-day ticket and 60,000 yen for 3-day ticket, however, there are special discount available for presales tickets.

Step 2- Decide how to get to the festival site

The second step is to decide which transportation to use to get to Fuji Rock Festival. There are three most common ways to choose.

Official Tour Bus: This could be the easiest and most hassle-free option for first time visitors as you can sort out your transportation, accommodation and ticket for Fuji Rock Festival all at once. FRF OFFICIAL TOUR CENTER provides direct bus service to the festival site from 19 different cities across Japan including overnight buses. You can enjoy a comfortable ride and be free from organising a trip.

For further information about the official bus tour, please visit the following link ▶

Car: Self-driving is a recommended option if you are travelling in a group or have a lots of baggage. Start your Fuji Rock Festival experience while driving to the festival site with your friends or family, listening favourite songs! Also if you wish to camp during the festival with your own camping gear, this is probably the best option. Take a note that a parking ticket must be purchased with entry ticket.

Check the access routes and parking ticket information from the following link ▶

Shinkansen: The last option is Shinkansen (bullet train) to Echigo Yuzawa Station, the nearest station to the site of Fuji Rock Festival. It takes only about 90 mins from Tokyo Station to Echigo Yuzawa Station by Joetsu Line Shinkansen, and there is a shuttle bus directly to the festival site from the station, with one way taking approx 40 mins.

Step 3- Decide where to stay

For those who decide to stay overnight for Fuji Rock Festival, it is highly recommended to secure the place to stay well in advance as accommodations around the site tend to get packed during the festival. There are several types of accommodation for Fuji Rock Festival attenders within a walking distance or nearby the site including camping, guesthouses and hotels.

Camping: It’s possibly the most fun and economical option. There are four camp sites at Fiji Rock Festival including auto camp site and female-only area, with different tickets and purchase methods required for each area.

The camp sites at the festival offer various useful services and facilities. For camp beginners, there are camp masters who can give camping tips. A rental tent plan is also available that does not require set up/break down camp, and comes with essential equipment. You can use their courior service to send your gear ahead from home to the event site to travel light.

Hotels and Guesthouses: Staying at one of hotels or guesthouses around the festival site could be slightly more pricey but definitely more comfortable option than camping. There are numbers of partnership hotels and Japanese style inns around the site of Fuji Rock Festival. A wide range of accommodations are offered by the FRF OFFICIAL TOUR CENTER, including for family and tour packages with ticket and transportation, which can be booked through a lottery.

For more information about accommodations for Fuji Rock Festival, please check the following link ▶

Other than mentioned above, there is a wide variety of accommodations around Echigo Yuzawa Station including hotels with onsen baths and traditional Japanese inns.

Step 4- Book your tickets to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

After establishing your plan for Fuji Rock Festival 2024, it is now time to actually purchase your ticket.

Fuji Rock Festival tickets are sold in three terms; First Round Advance Ticket, Second Round Advance Ticket and General Ticket, and the first two early-bird tickets are available only with a limited number. The tickets can be purchased on several websites including e+ (e plus), Ticket PIA, LAWSON Ticket and Rakuten Ticket.

Tickets for Fuji Rock Festival can be also purchased from overseas, including Festival Tickets, Camp Site Tickets, and Parking Tickets. If you are already in Japan or live in Japan, but don’t understand Japanese, you can visit the FRF Official Shop Gan-Ban, an English website for Japanese residents.

To check the full list of the official ticket sellers, please visit this page ▶

Before purchasing your tickets, it is advised to read the precautions regarding ticket purchase ▶

To apply for tour packages including bus and accommodation, please visit the FRF OFFICIAL TOUR CENTER website ▶ OFFICIAL TOUR CENTER or contact ▶ (English language services available)

For booking your Shinkansen tickets, check the JR-EAST website ▶

Special Deals for Fuji Rock Festival 2024

Under 22 Ticket: People who are over 16 and under 22 years old can purchase 1-day ticket with a discounted price (Available with a limited number)

Under 22 (Toku) Camp: Tour bus users aged 22 and younger can use the main camp site for free (No camp site ticket needed)

Meal Coupon: Round-trip tour bus users will also receive a 1000 yen-worth meal coupon that can be used for food vendors at the festival.

Are you ready for Fuji Rock Festival 2024? If you wish to check more information and frequently asked questions for Fuji Rock Festival, please visit this page ▶

Get discount with Fuji Rock Festival advance tickets ▶ Early Bird Discount Tickets to Fuji Rock Festival 2024

New camping area is opening at Fuji Rock Festival ▶ Camping at Fuji Rock Festival 2024

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