Top 10 Things to Do in Japan in September

Best things to do & places to visit in Japan in September

The golden cosmos field on the foot of Mt Fuji

Who said September is a boring month?? It’s actually a great time to enjoy two very different seasons: summer & autumn! You can still hit beaches and enjoy the hot weather while feeling the coming of new season. Numbers of fun events are held through the country as well as early autumn leaves.

After reading this article, you may consider visiting Japan in September 🙂 Here are 10 best things to do in September in Japan 2019!

1. Kinchakuda Higanbana Field

Burning red Higanbana flower field near Tokyo

The symbol of early autumn, Higanbana flower (red spider lily)’s biggest field in Japan is located in Saitama Prefecture, which is only 1 hour away from Tokyo. 5 millions burning hot flowers spark from mid September.

Date: mid-end September

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2. Ultra Japan

The biggest EDM festival, ULTRA JAPAN 2019 is back in Tokyo. Don’t miss the party with world’s greatest DJs!! The event has featured the world’s greatest DJs and artists in past including TIESTO, ALESSO, HARDWELL, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Deadmau5 and more.

Date: 14–15 September 2019 (11:00~21:00)

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3. Rugby World Cup 2019

The Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest sports event in the world, the international men’s rugby tournament held every 4 years. Rugby World Cup 2019 (RWC 2019) will be held in Japan from mid September to early November. There are several venues across Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyushu Region and Hokkaido. If you are a rugby fan, don’t miss a chance to participate this world’s biggest rugby event in Japan!

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4. First Autumn leaves

While the mainland of Japan waits to see the warm autumn colours for another 2 months, Hokkaido is welcoming their first autumn leaves in September and it’s absolutely stunning.

Date: mid September~

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5. SUMO Tokyo Basho

Sumo Grand Tournament is back to the city, and it will be held in Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium through September. It’s definitely one of the most spectacular things to experience in Japan!!

Date: 8 to 22 September 2019

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6. Tokyo Wagyu Show 2019

The great annual food event, Tokyo Wagyu Show is a 5-day outdoor food event held in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. Wagyu beef is arguably the most popular Japanese food along with Sushi and Tempura today, and at the event various kinds of Wagyu beef from all over Japan can be tasted in different styles. Simple steak to gourmet burger, find the best Wagyu dish at Tokyo Wagyu Show !!

Date: 11 to 16 September 2019

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7. Tokyo Game Show 2019

One of the biggest video game events in the world, the annual Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be back in the city with the latest stuff to impress all game& high-tech lovers around the world. The first two days will be for press and business, and the last two days will be open for public.

Date: 12 to 15 September 2019 (Public days are on 14 & 15 September)

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8. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri

One of the most traditional festivals in Japan, Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri from Kishiwada City, Osaka is known as the most energetic and manly festival in the country.

Date: 14 & 15 September 2019

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9. Yamanakako Hanano Miyako Kouen

The cosmos flower field next to Mt Fuji

Cosmos flowers a.k.a the Cherry Blossom of Autumn are fully blooming next to Mt.Fuji through September, and the flower park is admission free!

Date: early September to mid October

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10. Halloween at Universal Studios Japan

The Halloween event of Universal Studios Japan is huge, and arguably the best Halloween celebration in the country. It’s definitely the fun place to be during this time of the year! The event features special horror attractions, shows, merchandise and food which are enjoyable for kids to adults. And luckily it’s kicking off from early September till early Nov.

Date: 6th September to 4 November 2019

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Universal Studios Japan Halloween 2019

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