Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online from September 30th to October 3rd, 2021

Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS 2021) will be held online with various latest game contents from 30th Sep to 3rd Oct

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online

The biggest gaming event Tokyo Game Show, which is also known as TGS, will be held online from September 30th to October 3rd, 2021 as Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online. The popular annual video game expo has been held at in Makuhari Messe near Tokyo since the late 1990s, and Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be presented online due to the spread of COVID-19 as well as the last year.

A video game is one of the most famous Japanese pop cultures and the industry of video game is still growing huge. Much more people plays video gaming solo and with friends online especially after they need to stay home.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online celebrates its 25th anniversaries, offering the newest video game experiences and latest information through the official game channels, e-commerce live streamings and so on. Hundreds of companies and groups joins Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online introducing a large number of video games. Of course, there are business matching chances for gaming companies and groups.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online focuses on the future of games and all gamers in the world with the theme “We’ll always have games” while Tokyo Game Show 2020 with the theme of “The Future Touches Gaming First” focuses on the full-scale launch of cloud gaming and 5G commercial services in addition to VR/AR.

About Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online
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Tokyo Game Show (TGS) has been help in Japan every year since the first expo in 1996. The annual video game expo mainly focuses on Japanese games, and more international game developers and distributors show their products there recently.

4 days of Tokyo Game Show are divided into two parts: the first 2 days go in advance as Business Day and they are followed by another 2 days open to the public as Public Day.

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It is allowed to Cosplay, so there are numerous Cosplayers who dress in costume as their favorite characters. Tokyo Game Show has been trying to improving its service for foreign visitors especially since 2016 and foreign-friendly services are available like in English, Chinese and Korean.

In 2018, 668 companies and groups related to video game took part in the event, including 330 from 41 foreign counties and regions. The number of the visitors at Tokyo Game Show has reached 250,000-300,000 people for recent years.

Highlights (Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online)

Live Streaming Globally

The video above is the one streamed in the first online Tokyo Game Show in 2020, and the contents will be distributed globally on YouTube、Twitter, Facebook, etc. with English translation simultaneously in Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online. You can watch the online event for free.

New Games Trial

Playing video games
You can play the trail version of the latest games at home!

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online offers the chance for you to enjoy trails of the latest games on the game platform online stores, which is one of the most attractive things for gamers all over the world.

Live e-commerce

Tokyo Game Show on Amazon
The Amazon page of Tokyo Game Show 2020

A merchandising program is prepared in Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online collaborating with the platform of Amazon You can enjoy live shopping various game goods offered by exhibitors.

Highlight (Past TGS)

What is the most attractive things at Tokyo Game Show is checking out and trying to play new video game hardwares and softwares on displayed. There are a variety of video games relating to these popular and brand-new platforms: Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PC, Android, iOS and so on.

General Exhibition Area

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There are lots of entertainments at each booth in General Exhibition Area, where you can play the latest video game titles, enjoy talks by special guests and so on. Speaking of softwares, all of the popular video game companies have booths for gaming from the classic video game developers and distributers such as Square Enix, Sony, Bandai Namco, Sega, Konami and Capcon to othe top-and-coming GungHo and PUBG.

Indie Game Area

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Indie Game Area is filled up with a large number of booths by indie game developers from around the world. They offer their exclusive video games with various hardwares.

VR / AR Area

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For the latest technology experience, you can play video games related to VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and MR (mixed reality), Don’t miss the chance to have a brand new experience.

e-Sports Area

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E-Sports is getting more famous and popular worldwide, and some e-Sports areas have been located in TGS since TGS 2018 had the theme of the theme of “With more e-Sports and video streaming, we’re advancing to the next stage!”.

Event Stage

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In addition to the booths, many events on the stage are scheduled with talk show and live performances. Japan Game Awards is one of the most popular events on the stage in Tokyo Game Show.

Shopping Area

One of the biggest targets for visitors is shopping their favorite gaming items. There are lots of video game and toy companies in the shopping area, providing exclusive items including limited goods that you cannot get except Tokyo Game Show.

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Food and Rest Area

There are a large number of seats to take a break and eat in Food and Rest Area where you can have a variety of Japanese food including seafood, Wagyu Beef, Okonomiyaki, etc.

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Family Game Park

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Of course, kids can enjoy gaming attractions in Family Game Park playing easy video games and even creating games with workshops. How about visiting the event with kids since it is for free for elementary school children and younger children to admit Tokyo Game Show.

Business Area

If you are involved in the game industry, there are so many chances to talk with other people and companies. Meeting tables are set for discussing and negotiating.

Tokyo Game Show (TGS)

Location: Online/Makuhari Messe

Date: from 30th September to 3rd October, 2021


Official Website:

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