10 Coolest Places to Visit in Tokyo for 2019!

Where to Go in Tokyo 2019

10 Coolest Places to Visit in Tokyo

If you think you have seen most of Tokyo after a few visits, you may be wrong! There are so many spots in Tokyo which are hidden or unknown, but really attractive and for sure soon will be crowded by tourists. Today I have listed 10 spots and areas in Tokyo which are cool and trendy, and highly recommended to those who want to explore the city deeper! Check out new trendy places to visit in Tokyo for 2019!

1. Yanaka

Tokyo is mostly known for its modern and futuristic side with high-tech and skyscrapers. But exploring the historical side is actually great thing to do. Yanaka area is a true hidden gem which is located in the central Tokyo, yet has an unspoiled atmosphere and local vibes. Shop and eat like local at Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street and explore the charming neighbourhood!


Yanaka’s Old Town Walking Tour by Magical Trip is one of the most popular guided tours in Tokyo! If you want to see the different side of Tokyo rather than the city’s modern culture, this tour is highly recommended! Enjoy walking down the local streets, stop by for street snacks and hit some hidden spots! Click the link below and book the tour with a discount!

2. Nezu Shrine

Not too far from Yanaka area, Nezu Shrine is located in Bunkyo ward, which is also walking distance from Ueno area. The shrine is best known for its Azalea festival in spring time, but a great spot to visit all year round. If Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto is your thing, Nezu Shrine also have the gorgeous tunnel made with numerous vermilion torii gates, and it’s 100% photo worthy.


3. Hiroo

If you like trendy spots like Shibuya and Harajuku but expect to see less crowds, Hiroo is a great choice. The area is located near Shibuya and Ebisu, and has much more relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere. It’s a great area to explore the latest Tokyo food culture as numbers of swanky spots gather in this area, such as cafes and restaurants serving trendy and healthy items.


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4. Yayoi Kusama Museum

2017 was truly the year of the pop art queen, Yayoi Kusama after the big success of her exhibitions held in Tokyo and Kyoto, and moreover the brand new museum has just opened in the center of Tokyo in October. Yayoi Kusama’s avant-garde sensation will surely continue in 2019, and we can not wait for her upcoming exhibition. The museum has been extremely popular and very hard to get admission tickets, so make sure to book tickets in advance along with a plan of your visit to Tokyo.


5. Tsukishima Monja Street

What is Monja?? Monja (Monja Yaki) is a traditional local dish in Tokyo, which could be extremely unique and unfamiliar to foreigners. It may look quite skeptical at first sight, but trust me, it tastes hundred times better than it looks. Tsukishima area is known as the birth place of the dish and numbers of Monja restaurants gathers on the street called “Monja Street”. If you want to explore Japanese food culture deeper, go for Monja!


6. Sumo Practice Viewing

Sumo grand tournament is always popular things to watch, but it’s only held at limited time of year. In stead, how about visiting their home ground and see a bit of real lives of Sumo wrestlers? Numbers of Sumo training houses are located in Ryogoku area, Tokyo (very close to Asakusa area) where wrestlers live and practice. Some of them are open for public and visitors can see their morning training session real close. Not only watching their dynamic and powerful actions but it’s also a place to learn Japanese tradition and disciplines which you may not see often in this modern days.


7. Tsukiji Honganji Temple

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of most visited tourist sites in Tokyo, but how many visitors stretch out to the gorgeous temple located right off the street? Tsukiji Honganji Temple is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhism temple with an unique look as the main hall of the temple was constructed with a motif of ancient Indian architecture. Notably, there is a Japanese style cafe “Tsumugi” recently opened inside the temple, serving delicious and trendy Japanese dishes. It’s totally a great hideaway from crowds!


8. Harajuku

Why?? We all know that Harajuku has been one of the most popular districts to visit in Tokyo, however it is now hotter than ever since Harajuku is home to the biggest trend of 2017, “Instagram-Worthy” cafes, sweets and drinks, and a lot of new shops have recently opened with eye popping creative snacks and drinks. We believe the sensation will continue in 2019 and more impressive things to come!


9. VR Spots

VR is one of most notable things came up in recent years, and became the coolest entertainment tool in the world. There are already several spots in Tokyo where you can have this latest high-tech experience. The biggest VR entertainment facility is located in Shinjuku area, where over 10 VR activities can be found including Mario Kart, Dragon Ball and Ghost in the Shell.


10. Inokashira Onshi Park

Inokashira Onshi Park is located at one of coolest neighbourhoods in Tokyo, Kichijoji where a lot of trendy and stylish cafes and shops gather. The area has great access to Shibuya and Shinjuku, but has much more chilled and local atmosphere. It’s one of the largest parks in Tokyo with a vast space including a pond, zoo, etc, and also a popular spot for cherry blossoms&autumn leaves viewing. The famous Ghibli Museum is located at the tip of the park. If you are a fan of Ghibli films, it’s definitely a place to visit (tickets must be purchased in advanced.)