Best Spanish Restaurants in Tokyo

Top 3 places to eat delicious and real Spanish food in Tokyo

Spanish Restaurants in Tokyo

Yes, I know that most people when traveling to Japan want to eat local food like sushi or ramen. But there’re also travellers who don’t enjoy too much the local cuisine, and people who are not in Tokyo on a trip but who has been living in the Japanese capital for years and occasionally wants something different. That is why I would like to introduce which are in my opinion the three best restaurants of Spanish food in Tokyo.

Find authentic and delicious Spanish food at a reasonable price in Japan isn’t easy. But if you don’t mind spending a little more on a special occasion, I can bet you won’t regret going to one of these restaurants! Ready? So leeeet’s go eat!

Bikini TAPA

Bikini Tapa Shibuya
Copyright: Bikini Tapa Shibuya

If you ask any Spanish living in Tokyo to recommend a good Spanish food restaurant in the city, undoubtedly the Bikini will be on the list. They started with a restaurant in Shibuya and now they have 5 in different parts of Tokyo, some in luxury areas like Roppongi. All restaurants are designed and supervised by the famous Catalan chef Josep Barahona.

The Bikini has two specialties: one is that they make the best fideuà in Tokyo. The fideuà is like the famous paella but with pasta instead of rice. And the other is the “pinchos”, which are a small slice of bread with a small portion of food on the top. Chef Barahona realized that the Japanese usually prefer the small portions but the variety of ingredients and in the Bikini they try to offer elaborate and varied “pinchos”.



From Barcelona directly to Tokyo. El Xiringuito is a famous restaurant located on the beautiful beach of Barcelona. Its paellas and rice dishes are among the best in the city, and especially in summer the restaurant is always full. Without a doubt the most popular part is the terrace, from where you can enjoy delicious seafood paella and sangria while watching the sea.
If you can’t travel to Barcelona, don’t worry: now you can eat his famous paella also in Tokyo. While it’s true that there are no sea views in Shibuya, they have decorated the restaurant to make it look like you are on the beach. And the recipes that they use are exactly the same as those of their counterpart in Barcelona, so the taste is 100% authentic.

Fonda Sant Jordi

Fonda Sant Jordi Tokyo
Copyright: Fonda Sant Jordi

La Fonda de San Jordi is a small restaurant in Ebisu owned by Jordi, a Catalan who came to Tokyo many years ago. Jordi was working in different restaurants until he finally opened his own traditional food restaurant more than 5 years ago. As I say, the place is small and simple, but the food is delicious! Of course they have famous dishes of Spanish cuisine such as paella or potato omelette. But the best thing about this restaurant is that it has traditional and seasonal food. For example, in autumn or winter, there are typical dishes of that season in Spain or regional dishes from Catalonia.

How did you enjoy the list?? Which Spanish food restaurants in Tokyo would you like to visit most?? For more restaurant and food&drink info in Tokyo, check out these articles, too!

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