Pokemon Center SHIBUYA

New Pokemon Center and Nintendo Official Shop is now in Shibuya, Tokyo

The great news for Pokemon lovers! The official Pokemon store, Pokemon Center has opened a new branch in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2019 autumn!

Pokemon Center SHIBUYA has opened at 6th floor of SHIBUYA PARCO, the popular department store/shopping mall that has been the center of Tokyo’s fashion culture for decades. SHIBUYA PARCO re-opened in November 22 2019 after the major renovation. Moreover, the famous game company, Nintendo’s first official store in Japan, Nintendo TOKYO has been launched alongside.

Nintendo TOKYO store was first introduced by Nintendo in February 2019, Japan’s first official Nintendo store, which will be selling game consoles, game software and character items as well as hosting special events and providing game experiences.

The 6th floor of SHIBUYA PARCO  is called “CYBERSPACE SHIBUYA”,  a digital and subculture zone where several gaming/anime/Otaku related shops newly lanuched including CAPCOM store and Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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At the new Pokemon Center, the cutting edge technology features to create a whole new experience that has never been seen at other Pokemon Center stores in Tokyo before. The shop layout shows the giant Mewtwo inside an incubation chamber which now became surely the new landmark for Pokemon fans.

In addition to the announcement of the Pokemon Center SHIBUYA grand-opening, some of great news for Pokemon lovers have also been revealed. The new app game “Pokemon Masters” and the new services, “Pokemon Sleep” and “Pokemon HOME” aere released in 2019. Moreover, the conclusion of the original story for Nintendo 3DS game “Detective Pikachu” was added to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been amazing years for Pokemon fans, recently! Pokemon Center Shibuya & Nintendo TOKYO in Shibuya PARCO is a new must-visit destination for Pokemon and game fans in Japan!

Shibuya PARCO is now open! Check more details about the coolest new department store in Shibuya, Tokyo!

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