Pokemon Center Okinawa’s Opening

A New Pokemon Center Opened in Okinawa

Pokemon Center Okinawa

On August 11, 2022, a long-awaited branch of Pokemon Center opened in Okinawa. Pokemon themed stores including Pokemon Center and Pokemon Store have been founded around the country since the first Pokemon Center opened in Tokyo in 1998, which is now known as Pokemon Center MEGA TOKYO. There are over a dozen of Pokemon Center branches in Japan from the northern city Sapporo to the southern city Fukuoka. And, the latest Pokemon Center just came to the southernmost resort island Okinawa.

Pokemon Center Okinawa Entrance
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In addition to attractive tourist attractions, the Asian island country Japan has been more known and popular worldwide recently for its unique pop culture. Pokemon, one of the most famous and popular game and anime titles, has been loved by both kids and adults around the globe since its first game
Pokemon Pocket Monsters: Red and Green was released in 1996.

Visitors will welcomed by Pikachu and Arcanine (Windie) at Pokemon Center Okinawa, which is located in a large shopping complex Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom.

▽An official video starring Growlithe released to commemorate the opening of Pokemon Center Okinawa!▽

Pokemon Center Okinawa offers a variety of Pokemon items ranging from games and cards to snacks and toys as well as other stores. There are exclusive products that you can get only at Pokemon Center Okinawa except Pokemon Center Online.

Pokemon Center Okinawa Items
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The new store consists of not only the sales section but special areas to enjoy video contents and filled with attractions of Pokemon Trading Card Game. Some spaces have a theme of the beautiful sea and tropical forest of Okinawa. You can see the tall statue of Alolan Exeggutor (Nassy) inside the story.

Pokemon Center Okinawa Inside
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A refreshing space called Nature Court located on the first floor of Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom was renovated with the theme of Pokemon. Don’t miss the chance to see the cutest Pokemon there!

Pokemon Center Okinawa Rest Space
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For Pokemon lovers, here are more Pokemon Centers and Pokemon Stores in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto!

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