Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Takeaway Style Pokemon Cafe “Pikachu Sweets” at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro

Over the past years, there are several new facilities newly opened in Japan including the new Pokemon Center in Shibuya PARCO and Japan’s second Pokemon Cafe in Osaka. The third Pokemon Cafe in Japan (the second in Tokyo), Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe opened in the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro in December 2019.

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Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo is located on the 2nd floor of the massive shopping complex, Sunshine City alpa in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It’s one of the biggest Pokemon stores in Japan, offering a wide range of Pokemon merchandise from the classics to the latest products.

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo has gone though a huge expansion of itself lately, which includes the world’s first Pokemon GO official space “Pokemon GO Lab.”, the biggest “Pokemon Card Game Station”, and the first takeaway style cafe, Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe.

There are already two Pokemon Cafes in Japan (in Tokyo and Osaka), offering cute and photo-worthy Pokemon theme food and drinks, but this Pikachu Sweets is a new style of Pokemon Cafe dedicated to a takeaway menu. The shops offers special takeaway desserts and drinks inspired by Pokemon characters including Pikachu shaped cupcake, character printed baumkuchen and Pokemon latte art.

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe and other expanded area are now available at Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro! Don’t miss a chance to try the cutest Pokemon takeaway sweets and have a brand-new Pokemon experience at the power-up Pokemon Center in Tokyo!

-Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe (ピカチュウスイーツ by ポケモンカフェ)

Location: 2F Sunshine City alpa

Access: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/gp/pokecen/english/megatokyo_access.html

Hours: 10:00~20:00

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