Yanaka Ginza: Tokyo’s Best Old-Fashioned Shopping Street

Yanaka Ginza: Shopping street in Tokyo with the well-remained old town “Shitamachi” atmosphere.

One of best shopping streets in Tokyo, with the well-remained old town “Shitamachi” atmosphere. Explore the nostalgic side of Tokyo through Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street!

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Yanaka (谷中) is a quiet neighbourhood in Taito ward, east Tokyo. The area is known as old-town district (Shitamachi in Japanese) where nostalgic and rustic vibes are well remained. Yanaka can be accessed from Ueno easily and it’s in a walking distance from Ueno Park.

Yanaka is a residential and low-key commercial district where many locals live, and old shops and buildings gather. Yanaka Ginza (谷中銀座) is locals’ favourite place to shop, eat and hang out with neighbours. It’s the most lively part of the district where visitors can feel the true vibes of local activities.

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The street is located approx 5 mins away from Nippori Station. At the approach to the shopping street, there is a well-known photo spot called “Yuyake Dandan” which is gentle sloped stairs where the charming view of the shopping street can be captured. It’s especially recommended to visit during sunset time.

The 175m street is lined by numbers of small locally owned shops, cafes and food stalls. It’s great place to shop unique and traditional souvenirs and try local food.

Also when you visit Yanaka Ginza, make sure you go with hungry. The street offers numbers of street food and snacks, especially Menchi Katsu (mince crochette ) is very popular and people including locals queue up for it, and trust me it’s worth waiting for 🙂

There are also some liquor stores and small bars serving a cup of alcohol beverages. It is very possible to get some delicious snacks and a cup of Sake, and enjoy them on the side of the street like locals do.

Yanaka Cemetery (谷中霊園) is one of the largest and most famous graveyards in the city. You can access within short walk from the shopping street. It’s a cemetery, but has pleasant path through the tombs and the main path of the cemetery Sakura-dori Street is lined by cherry trees which flourish beautifully in spring time, and the cemetery is actually very popular spot for cherry blossom viewing.

Apart from Yanaka Ginza shopping street, the Yanaka area is very interesting place to explore, since it’s one of the rarest place where true old town local vibes still remains in this modern days in Tokyo.

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-Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street

Map: https://goo.gl/LtnQEZ

Access: 5 mins walk from Nippori Station or Sendagi Station

The best way to explore Yanaka area is joining a local guided tour! Yanaka’s Old Town Walking Tour is a popular half-day walking tour introducing Yanaka and the surrounding neighbourhood. Experience the different side of Tokyo, and visit hidden local spots and try local food and drinks 🙂

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If you have already been to major tourist spots in Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Asakusa and Ueno, Yanaka area is one of most recommended spots to visit for you 🙂 For more info about Yanaka and nearby areas, please check out these articles!

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