Tsukiji Honganji Temple

Tsukiji Honganji Temple: the Unique Indian Style Buddhist Temple near Tsukiji Fish Market

Did you know there is an Ancient Indian motif beautiful temple right next to the Tsukiji Market?? If you are visiting the market, extend your trip to this temple as it only takes 1 mins!

Tsukiji Honganji Temple (築地本願寺) is a Jodo Shinshu Buddhism temple located only 1 min away from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market (Tsukiji Outer Market) in Tokyo. It was originally built in 1617 under the direct control of Nishi Honganji Temple in Kyoto. In 1934, the main hall of the temple was re-constructed with a motif of ancient Indian architecture. The cool and unique appearance of the temple attract numbers of visitors today. Tsukiji Honganji Temple is definitely one of the most photo-worthy temples in Tokyo.

This temple is also known for where the legendary musician Hide (Hideto Matsumoto) from the famous rock band “X-Japan” asleep and the site of the his funerary ceremony was held after his death in 1998. Until today, huge numbers of his fans visit his grave in this temple.

-Tsukiji Honganji Temple (築地本願寺)

Map: https://bit.ly/3s55CMz

Access: 1 min walk from Tsukiji station Exit 1 (Hibiya line)

Hours: 6:00–17:00

Admission: Free

Official Website: http://tsukijihongwanji.jp/eng/?fr=navi

There are also tours you can take to get to know Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple more deeply! Check out our article for more information about these tours!

▶Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple Tours: Night Concert & Early Morning Temple Experience

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