Best Strawberry Buffets in Tokyo 2021

Best All-You-Can-Eat Strawberry Dessert Buffets in Tokyo

From late winter to early spring, it’s the best time to enjoy Japanese strawberries! There are several kinds of premium strawberry brands in Japan such as Amaou (from Fukuoka) and Tochiotome (from Tochigi), and they have been very famous among foodies worldwide nowadays. You may find these branded strawberries a bit pricey but they taste so good as they are very juicy, plump and have a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness.

The best way to enjoy delicious Japanese strawberries is definitely a dessert buffet which is held at numbers of venues in Japan, especially in luxurious hotels in Tokyo such as ANA InterContinental Tokyo, Hilton Tokyo and Conrad Tokyo. During the season, a variety of high-quality premium strawberry desserts can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat style! Each venue takes their pride and makes massive efforts to offer their original strawberry dessert buffets with various creative desserts with selected ingredients and unique themes.

In this article, I’m introducing the best strawberry dessert buffets in Tokyo in winter/spring 2021! Either you love sweets or strawberries, don’t miss a chance to indulge yourself with the finest quality strawberry desserts in Tokyo!

-ANA InterContinental Tokyo

© ANA InterContinental Tokyo

One of the most popular venues for dessert buffets in Tokyo, ANA InterContinental Tokyo (ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京) offers a gourmet and deluxe strawberry buffet annually. The luxurious and sophisticated dessert buffet, Strawberry Sweets Buffet is served at The Champagne Bar from late December 2020 until May 2021. Over 30 kinds of items will be available on the buffet including delightful strawberry desserts, creative savory items and tasting of fresh strawberries from various places in Japan. Over 15 kinds of coffee and herbal teas are available with free-flow alongside.


Venue: The Champagne Bar (3F)

Date: 28 December 2020 to 31 May 2021

Weekday 11:30~13:00 / 13:30~15:00 / 15:30~17:00
Weekend & Holiday 11:30~13:00/ 13:30~15:00 / 15:30~17:00/ 17:30~19:00

Price: 5,500 yen (adult), 2,750 yen (child 4-8 years old)
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-Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay

© InterContinental Tokyo Bay.

Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay (ホテル インターコンチネンタル 東京ベイ) serves gorgeous and picture-perfect strawberry & rose themed dessert buffet “Beauty and the Beast -Celebration at Strawberry Castle-” from January 2021. The buffet offers over 20 items including delightful desserts inspired by the world of Beauty and the Beast along with strawberry chocolate fountain, savory dishes, and free-flow coffee, tea and soft drinks.


Venue: Harbor View Terrace (3F)

Date: 9 January to 3 May 2021

Weekday 11:30~13:30
Weekend & Holiday 11:30~13:30/ 14:30~16:30 / 18:00~20:00

Weekday 4,900 yen (adult), 3,300 yen (child 4-12 years old)
Weekend & Holiday 5,700 yen (adult), 3,300 yen (child 4-12 years old)
Weekend & Holiday Dinner (course) 5,800 yen/7,000 yen/9,000 yen (adult), 3,300 yen (child 4-12 years old)

-Conrad Tokyo

Copyright © CONRAD TOKYO

Conrad Tokyo (コンラッド東京) offers a cool and retro, 50’s American theme dessert buffet “Strawberry Pop Sweets Buffet” at All Day Dining Cerise at 28 floor of the hotel (Fri, Sat, Sun and Holiday only). The buffet features over 10 kinds of colourful and photo-worthy strawberry desserts and 5 creative savory items decorated with some iconic motif of old American such as vintage car, polka dot, guitar and mirror ball.


Venue: All Day Dining Cerise (28F)

Date: 8 January to 30 April 2021

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday (90 mins)
1st round 12:00~13:30/12:30~14:00
2nd round 14:00~15:30/14:30~16:00

Price: 4,800 yen (adult), 2,300 yen (6–12 years old), 1,300 yen (3–5 years old)

-Hilton Tokyo

Copyright © Hilton Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo (ヒルトン東京) is one of the first places in Tokyo where you can start enjoying delicious all-you-can-eat strawberry dessert buffets from late December. This year, they offer fancy and dreamy Alice in Wonderland theme strawberry desserts & lunch buffet called “RSVP. the Invitation from Alice” featuring over 20 kinds of strawberry desserts and fresh strawberries as well as 15 kinds of gourmet savory dishes. Over 10 kinds of herbal tea are served at the buffet.


Venue: Marble Lounge (1F)

Date: 26 December 2020 to late May 2021 (not available from 1 to 3 January 2021)

Hours: (120 mins) 11:30~/12:00~/12:30~/14:00~/14:30~/15:00~

Weekdays 4,100 yen (adult), 2,400 yen (4–12 years old)
Weekends & Holiday 4,500 yen (adult) , 2,500 yen (4–12 years old)

– Keio Plaza Hotel

© Keio Plaza Hotel Co., Ltd.

Keio Plaza Hotel (京王プラザホテル) will be celebrating their 50th anniversary of launching in 2021 and hosting a special dessert buffet in a collaboration with Sylvanian Families, the popular range of animal figures in Japan. The buffet offers delicious and colouful strawberry desserts decorated with adorable Sylvanian Families’ characters. Besides, there will be a photo spot where guests can take photos of strawberry desserts and character figures.


Venue: All Day Dining Jurin (2F)

Date: 8 January to 31 May 2021

Hours: (120 mins) 15:00~17:00/15:30~17:30

Price: 4,800 yen (adult), 2,800 yen (child)

-The Westin Tokyo

© 1996 – 2020 Marriott International, Inc.

The Westin Tokyo (ウェスティンホテル東京) hosts the Strawberry Dessert Buffet annually, offering a wide variety of elegant and inspirational desserts using high-quality fresh strawberries. The buffet is held for 4 months from early January to late April (weekdays only), and the menu of the buffet changed monthly featuring seasonal ingredients such as chocolate and cherry blossoms. In total, over 100 will be available on the buffet.


Venue: The Terrace (1F)

Date: 6 January to 30 April 2021

Hours: (150 mins) 14:30~17:00/(120 mins) 14:50~16:50

Price: 150 mins 4,500 yen (adult), 2,250 yen (child)/120 mins 4,200 yen (adult), 2,100 (child)

-Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Copyright © Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

At Hilton Tokyo Odaiba (ヒルトン東京お台場), a cute and pop strawberry dessert buffet “Girl’s Sweets Kitchen” will be held for 2 months from early January to late February 2021. The red and white colored girly American dinar themed buffet offers over 20 strawberry and chocolate desserts and savory side dishes.


Venue: Seascape Dining (2F)

Date: 8 January to 28 February 2021

Hours: 14:45~16:15 / 16:30~18:00

Weekdays 3,900 yen (adult), 2,340 yen (child)
Weekends & Holiday 4,300 yen (adult) , 2,580 yen (child)

-The Strings Omotesando

©2021 Mattel. ©Best Hospitality Network Inc.

The Strings Omotesando (ザ ストリングス 表参道) is hosting a fashionable and photo-worthy strawberry dessert buffet by teaming up with the most iconic fashion doll in the history, Barbie Dolls. The Strawberry Holic ~Barbie in Paris~ is a lunch/dessert buffets avialable from 1st January till 28 February 2021, served with a variety of strawberries desserts inspired by adorable Barbie dolls and French delicacies.



Date: January to February (on selected days)
January: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31
February: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

Weekdays 12:00~13:30 (*11:45~12:00)
Weekend & Holiday 11:00-12:30 (*10:45~11:00), 13:30~15:00 (*13:15~13:30), 16:30~18:00 (*16:15~16:30)
*photo-shooting time

Weekday 4,800 yen (adult), 3,200 yen (child 4-12 years old)
Weekends 5,500 yen (adult), 3,200 yen (child 4-12 years old)

Thanks for reading! Which strawberry dessert buffet in Tokyo do you want to visit most?? Strawberries are definitely one of the best seasonal specialties in Japan around this time of the year, so don’t miss the delicious desserts with juicy strawberry 🙂

After strawberry, it’s a season for matcha! Enjoy all-you-can-eat matcha desserts at hotel’s buffets in Tokyo!

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