Kinchakuda Higanbana Fields: Enjoy Fiery Red Flowers near Tokyo!

Hidaka City Kinchakuda Manjushage Festival

Looking for photo-worthy scenery in autumn?? Don’t miss this one of most spectacular events in September, and enjoy the gorgeous red hot flower field in Saitama Prefecture, only 1 hour away from Tokyo!

Higanbana (also called Manjushage in Japanese/ Lycoris radiata, red spider lily, red magic lily in English) is one of most iconic autumn flowers in Japan, and it usually starts blooming from mid September.

Japan’s biggest Higanbana field is located at Kinchakuda (巾着田) in Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture. In the peak season, the whole site is covered with over 500 millions of beautiful burning hot Higanbana flowers, creating a most spectacular view in autumn.

The peak season of Higanbana is mid to end of September, and the Kinchakuda Manjushage Festival (巾着田曼珠沙華まつり) is held from mid to late September annually.

Kinchakuda is located about 15 mins walk from Koma Station, which can be accessed within 1 hour from Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo.

Let’s celebrate the coming of autumn with the most gorgeous flowers 🙂

-Kinchakuda Higanbana Fields (Kinchakuda Manjushage Festival)


Access: 15 mins walk from Koma Station

Date: mid to late September

Hours: 9:00~16:30

Fee: 300 yen

Official Website (Japanese):

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