Tokyo in August : Best Things to Do

What to Do in Tokyo in August

Travelling to Tokyo in August?? It’s the summer holiday season in Japan and there are numbers of summer events held in the city! From traditional Japanese festivals and spectacular fireworks to Otaku and Anime events, there are various special events that can be enjoyed only in summer!

Check out the list of the best things to do in Tokyo in August!

1. Summer Festivals (Natsu Matsuri)

Summer festivals (Natsu Matsuri) is a top attraction in Japan during summer. Various festivals are held almost every week in Tokyo during summer including traditional Japanese summer festivals to unique dance festivals.

See the link below to check the hottest summer festivals held in Tokyo this summer!

2. Fireworks

Besides summer festivals, fireworks are the top attraction in Japan during summer. Fireworks festivals are held almost every weekend from mid July to end of August along with numbers of stalls selling traditional summer food and drinks.

Check out the list of the best fireworks festivals in Tokyo in summer!

3. Beach

Beaches are definitely the best attraction in Japan during summer. The most beautiful beaches might be located in the southern part of Japan, but there are several vibrant beaches near Tokyo where you can have a lot of summer fun! During summer, the popular beaches are lined by beach huts and bars, offering food, drinks and rental facilities.

Click the link below to check out the best beaches accessible from Tokyo!

4. Beer Garden/BBQ

Numbers of rooftop bars and restaurants open temporarily in Tokyo during summer. From the classic beer garden to trendy BBQ parties, various kinds of open-air eateries are available through summer. It’s a great spot to hangout at night with ice cold beer and smokey BBQ dishes.

See the attached links below for the best beer gardens and BBQ spots in Tokyo this summer!


The biggest music festival in Japan along with Fuji Rock Festival, Summer Sonic is held in Tokyo and Osaka for 3 days every August. The event features great musicians of various genre from all around the world from rock to EDM, and the past acts includes numbers of world’s greatest artists like MUSE, The Chemical Brothers, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.

More info:

6. WANO AKARI × HYAKUDAN KAIDAN Illumination Festival

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An indoor illumination event, WANO AKARI × HYAKUDAN KAIDAN is held at one of Tokyo’s most prestigious hotels, Hotel Gajoen Tokyo during summer annually. The event features various traditional and regional Japanese art works and crafts collaborating with light effects.

Access: 3 mins walk from JR Meguro Station

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7. Dessert Buffets

The all-you-can-eat dessert buffets with seasonal ingredients have been a huge food trend in Tokyo in the past years. A variety of dessert buffets are held at Tokyo’s high-end hotels, and each hotel offers creative and amazing quality desserts with their original themes.

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8. Rental Yukata

If you are travelling in Japan during summer, you should definitely take an opportunity to try on traditional Japanese dress for summer, Yukata. Yukata is like a summer version of Kimono, and it’s much lighter and easier to put on. Yukata is available with hundreds of thousands of patterns, and also with wide price range depending on materials and designs. Yukata can be rented for a day at many rental Kimono stores in Tokyo during summer, and it’s a popular outfit for attending summer festivals or fireworks events.

For the information about renting Yukata/Kimono in Tokyo, please check out the link below!

9. Summer Comiket

Comiket (Comic Market) is Japan’s largest comic-related event, which is held twice a year in summer and winter. The event is held at Tokyo Big Sight, featuring thousands of comics published by professional and amateur artists, and also a large numbers of cosplayers gather at this event.

Official website:

10. Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo Disney Resort (Disneyland and DisneySea) hosts an annual summer event with special themed parades/shows as well as limited time merchandise collection. Donald’s Hot Jungle Summer at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Pirates Summer at Tokyo DisneySea will be available till 1 September!

For special events and the schedule at Tokyo Disney Resort, please check the link below!

11. Cold Desserts

Let’s beat the summer heat with cool and delicious treats in Tokyo! Summer in Tokyo is extremely hot, and stopping by for cold desserts are the best way to get away. Shaved ice (Kakigori n Japanese), ice cream and bubble tea are the most trending summer desserts in Tokyo nowadays, and numbers of cafes offering delicious, creative and photo-worthy desserts and drinks.

See the attaches links below introducing the best desserts in Tokyo for summer!

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