10 Best Places to Visit in Japan in Summer 2024

Most Beautiful Places in Japan in Summer

Summer in Japan is the most exciting and festive season! From stunning beaches to colourful flower fields, there are numbers of amazing places to visit in Japan only during summer time.

In this article, I’m going to introduce some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan during summer which you should definitely see once in your lifetime! Check out 10 Best Places to Visit in Japan in Summer 2024!!

1. Biei

Biei is a town in Hokkaido, known for its rural landscape with the vast fields and hills. There are many fields and gardens of flower in Biei that display colourful, picturesque scenery during summer. Shikisai no Oka is the most visited flower garden in town, featuring a large number of seasonal flowers covering the field including tulip, pansy, lavender, sunflower and cosmos. The scenery of colourful flowers lined with patterned rows and the view of Daisetsuzan mountain range on the background is simply breathtaking. Another reason to recommend to visit Hokkaido in summer is the cool and dry weather while other parts of Japan suffer from the extreme heat and humidity.

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2. Noumizo Waterfall

Noumizo Falls is a picturesque waterfall with a cave (Kameido Cave) located in Kimitsu City in Chiba Prefecture. The place became sensationally popular in the past years since it gained it fame on social media. The mysterious view of the waterfall and the cave is often described as if it came from the world of Studio Ghibli films. The best viewing time is early morning when the sun light comes through the cave and creates a heart shape with the reflection on the mirror-like water when it’s sunny. In early summer, you might be able to spot fireflies in the area.

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3. Ogasawara Islands

Ogasawara Islands are a Japanese archipelago of 30 subtropical and tropical islands, located approx 1,000km south of Tokyo. The two largest islands, Chichijima and Hahajima islands are the only two inhabited islands in the group, which can be visited by 24 hour ferry from Tokyo. The islands offer unspoiled nature, stunning landscape, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and tranquil atmosphere with a subtropical climate with warm temperature through the year. The popular activities on the islands are hiking, snorkelling, diving, fishing and stargazing.

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4. Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan as well as the symbol of the country. While people enjoy the glorious view of the snow capped mountain from distance, it is actually possible to climb there, but only in summer time. The official climbing season of Mt Fuji is usually from early July to mid September. During the season, the mountains huts and other facilities for medical and information are open. There are 4 different trails to the summit depending on levels. The only people who reach the summit is rewarded to witness the spectacular sunrise called Goraiko.

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5. Kamikochi

Kamikochi is a beautiful highland valley at the Northern Japan Alps in Nagano Prefecture. It’s one of the most popular hiking spots in Japan during spring and summer where visitors enjoy the fresh and cool breeze with the scenic views. Kamikochi has numbers of hiking trails depending on the levels and length, and some trails are suitable for a day trip. Kamikochi is open for public from mid April to mid November every year.

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6. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

Arashiyama is a district in the western outskirt of Kyoto, attracting visitors with tranquil nature and historic monuments such as temples and shrines. One of the most famous and photographed sites in Arashiyama area is the Bamboo Grove. The 400m long path runs between Tenryuji Temple and Okouchi Sanso Garden.

Although the Bamboo Grove displays amazing scenery through the year, summer is a great time as the greens of the forest get more lush and bring coolness. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant walk, escaping from the summer heat. It’s a great place to visit wearing a yukata or kimono. If you wish to take photos of the Bamboo Grove without crowds, it’s recommended to visit there in early morning.

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7. Tsunoshima Bridge

Tsunoshima Bridge is a scenic bridge situated in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The bridge connects the mainland and a small island called Tsunoshima. The 1,780 bridge used to be the longest tool free bridge in Japan at the time when the construction was completed in 2000. The bridge spans over the deep blue water of the Sea of Japan and offers the astonishing scenery. The panoramic view can be captured from Tsunoshima Observatory ideally located at the bridge’s entrance. Besides the spectacular scenery of the bridge, the island itself is a great tourist destination with numbers of beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue water.

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8. Angel Road

The Angel Road is a scenic sandbar situated on Shodoshima Island, the second largest island on the Seto Inland Sea in Kagawa Prefecture. The island is best known for olive plantation and often called the Olive Island. It offers many more attractions to tourists such as unique island culture, beautiful nature, scenic spots and art installations. One of the highlights of Shodoshima Island is the Angel Road, the 500m long sandbar connecting three small islands and Shodoshima Island. The sandbar only appears twice a day and visitors can walk to the small islands when the tide is low. Promising Hill Vista Point is the view spot at the hilltop offering a spectacular view of the sandbar.

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9. Yakushima Island

Yakushima is an island in Kagoshima Prefecture, known for its wildlife and rainforests. The island is designated to UNESCO World Heritage Site and visited by approx 300,000 tourists every year. It is said that the forest of Yakushima was an inspiration of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece Princess Mononoke. The top highlight of the island is Jomon Sugi, the largest and oldest ceder tree on the island,which is 25.3 m tall and estimated to be between 2,170 and 7,200 years old. The tree can be accessed via Kusugawa Hiking Path and the Arakawa Trail which require a 4-5 hours mountain hike.

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10. Yonaha Maehama Beach

Yonaha Maehama Beach is a popular beach situated on Miyakojima Island, the fourth largest island of Okinawa Prefecture. The island is highly popular beach holiday destination, especially for snorkeling and diving in the coral reefs and caves. Yonaha Maehama Beach is known for the crystal clear water and the white sand beach that stretches for 7 km. It was chosen as the best beach in Japan by multiple publications and is often described as the most beautiful beach in the Orient. The beach season of Yonaha Mehama Beach is late March to end of October. Opposite the beach, there is another remote island, Kurima Island which is connected to the beach by the 1,690m long, scenic Kurima Ohashi Bridge.

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How did you enjoy the list? For more beautiful places in Japan in other seasons, please check out listed articles!

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