Tsunoshima Bridge: Drive across the Turquoise Blue Ocean

Tsunoshima Bridge: the most scenic bridge in Japan

One of the most magnificent views in Japan. Tsunoshima Bridge is often described as “the most beautiful bridge in Japan”.

Tsunoshima bridge (角島大橋) is located in Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture, connecting a mainland and a small island called Tsunoshima. The 1,780 m long bridge was constructed in 2000, which used to be the longest tool free bridge in Japan at that time.

Tsunoshima bridge stands over the Sea of Japan and the view of the bridge is absolutely breathtaking. Drivers can enjoy approx 3 mins of heavenly driving on the bridge across the ocean and passing the bridge feels like flying above the beautiful ocean!

As well as the spectacular scenery of the bridge, the island itself is a great tourist destination. The 4.1 km2 island is surrounded by Sea of Japan and there are numbers of beautiful beaches with crystal white sand and clear blue water. Lesser known but the west part of Yamaguchi prefecture has a lot of beautiful beaches.

The island has approx 900 residents and apart from the beaches, visitors can enjoy driving through the island, visit the lighthouse and the nature museum.

Tsunoshima is best to reach by car but it is possible by public transport. Take a but towards Tsunoshima from JR Kottoi station.


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