Dream Walk on the Angel Road, Shodoshima Island

Angel Road: Scenic Sandbar on Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima Island (小豆島) is the second largest island on Seto Inland Sea which belongs to Kagawa prefecture. The name of the island literally means “small bean island”.

Shodoshima Island is famous as the setting for the novel Twenty-Four Eyes, and the filming location of its movie. The island is also known as the first area of Japan to successfully grow olives, and is often called the “Olive Island”. The island is a popular tourist destination offering unique island culture and wild nature.

The best highlight of the island is Angel Road, which is a 500 m long sandbar connecting three small islands and Shodoshima island. Angel Road is known as one of the most spectacular scenic views in Japan.

The sandbar only appears twice a day when the tide is low and visitors can walk to the small islands. Angel road is especially popular among couples, because it is believed that couples who cross the sandbar together will find happiness together and their wishes come true.

The Angel Road is located near Tonosho port and the spectacular overlook view of the Angel Road can be seen at “Promising Hill Vista Point” which is located at the top of a small hill.

The island can be seen around by bus and one-day pass is available with 1,000 yen. Also renting a car is a great option to get around the island comfortably. Also there are several small islands near Shodoshima island on Seto Inland Sea such as Teshima island and Naoshima island which are also amazing places to explore.


Access to the island: The most frequent ferry service runs from Takamatsu port in Kagawa prefecture, Shikoku region. (1 hour/690 yen) There are also ferry services from several different ports on the mainland including Okayama port, Himeji port and Kobe port.

Check this link http://shodoshima.or.jp/ml/access/timetable for the ferry schedule.

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