What to Wear in Japan in Summer: June, July and August

What to wear in Japan in June, July and August

Are you planning to travel to Japan during summer vacation? Summer is one of the busiest seasons in Japan and there are numerous seasonal attractions including Japanese summer festivals, firework festivals, beach resorts, etc.

In the meantime, you may wonder what the weather in Japan in summer is or what to wear in Japan in summer. Here, I introduce Japan’s summer with the guide to what to wear in June, July and August. You can also check out cool coordinations for both men and women suggested by Uniqlo below.

To beat the heat and fully enjoy traveling Japan in summer in your best condition, check out the weather and summer fashion guide before your setting off for Japan!

What is the weather in Japan in summer

You feel hot rather than warm throughout the summer in Japan especially in July and August. Rainy season begins from around the end of May and lasts till the mid July, generally. During the rainy season, it doesn’t rain every day but always humid and dull. After it ends, the high temperature is approaching the peak in August. Many people suffer heatstroke in the season, so please take care to avoid direct sunlight and drink much water. You will wear less clothing, so don’t forget to use sunscreen.

The weather also depends on where you go like north or south in Japan. It is calmer in the north part of Japan such as Hokkaido and Tohoku Region and much hotter in the south like Okinawa and Kyushu Region.

Here, we have the daily average temperatures in Tokyo during summer between 2010 and 2022.

Average temperature in Tokyo:

June: 21-24°C (69.8-75.2°F)

July: 24-28°C (75.2-82.4°F)

August: 26-30°C (78.8-86°F)

Temperatures can reach 35℃/95℉ to 40℃/104℉ on some days in summer.

What to wear in Japan in summer

Summer is the hottest season in Japan, nevertheless, there is a large temperature gap depending on the conditions. You may feel a little cold in early morning and at night or on a rainy day in June while really hot in the daytime. It’s highly recommended to put a light cardigan on over your T-shirt in June. You will always travel in Japan in extreme heat and just a T-shirt or a one-piece is enough in July and August. Please be noted that it is too much air-conditioned inside some stores and restaurants where you may feel too cold. Anyway, get reassured by carrying around a light jacket or cardigan to protect yourself against the air-conditioning places.

Outfits picked out by Uniqlo

Want to wear trendy and cool clothes in your travel destination even in the hottest season? Fortunately, you can buy quality clothes at an affordable rate in Japan. Then, what should you wear in Japan in summer during June, July and August, concretely speaking? Here is the introduction to some cool coordinations offered by Uniqlo, one of the most popular Japanese clothing stores.



Left for June: Crew-neck T-shirt (790 yen + tax), Long Cardigan (2,990 yen + tax), High-waisted straight pants (990 yen + tax)

Middle for July and August: Crew-neck T-shirt (1,000 yen + tax), Striped overalls (3,990 yen + tax)

Right for July and August: Striped one-piece (3,990 yen + tax), Denim jacket (3,990 yen + tax), Leggings (990 yen + tax)



Left for June: Striped T-shirts (1,500 yen + tax), Parka (1,990 yen + tax) Jeans (3,990 yen + tax)

Middle for July and August: Linen checked shirts (2,990 yen + tax), Crew-neck T-shirts (1,000 yen + tax), Cotton linen easy pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for July and August: Crew-neck T-shirts (1,000 yen + tax), Easy pants (1,990 yen + tax)

*These coordinations above are just instances, so all of them are not necessarily sold at Uniqlo in this season.

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Are you ready for your summer trip to Japan in this year? There are so many tourist attractions in summer in Japan, so make a perfect plan to travel the country smoothly and enjoyably with these information below!

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