What to Wear in Japan in Winter: December, January and February

Japan winter fashion in December, January and February

For those who are planing to take a trip to Japan in winter, this article will clear the problem of “what to wear in Japan during winter”. It is a little hard for first time visitors to imagine how cold the temperature in Japan especially Tokyo.

Today, I’d like to tell you about what to wear in Japan in December, January and February. Some trendy and coolest coordinations for winter that are recommended by Uniqlo are also introduced below!

What is the weather in Japan during winter

Winter in Japan, especially January to February, is really cold. Northern Japan such as Hokkaido and Tohoku region is Japan’s coldest area. It can be snowing in Hokkaido from the late October, and from January or February in Tokyo usually. In the winter season, sometimes the temperature drops below freezing point.

Here, we have the daily average temperatures in Tokyo between 2010 and 2021.

Average temperature in Tokyo:

December: 6-10°C (42.8-50°F)

January: 4-7°C (39.2-44.6°F)

February: 5-9°C (41-48.2°F)

What to wear in Japan during winter

After Christmas and New Year’s holidays, it gets colder and colder. What to wear in the cold season? The problem is that way of feeling depends on you.

Some people live in tropical countries and have never seen snowing. To stay warm, they may need to layer wearing long-sleeved T-shirts, a sweater, warm socks and a down coat, and use heat packs alternatively.

Others who live in cold climates and used to that low temperature, just T-shirts and a jacket or a hoodie may be enough even in winter.

Please be also noted that most stores and trains are well-heated, so you may feel too hot to wear coats and layered clothes inside.

Winter Essentials in Japan

To survive cold weather in Japan, there are several useful items that keep you warm and comfortable during winter. Here are some Japanese’s favourite winter essentials:

Hokkairo (ホッカイロ)- Disposable heating pads are what Japanese people can not live without during winter. There are a simple pad type that you can keep in your pocket and a sticker type that can be placed on top of your clothes. They are sold at many places during winter such as convenience stores, drugstores and variety shops and sold as a set or a piece which costs less than 100 yen.

Hot Sake (熱燗)- The quick way to heat up your body and mind, why not to try a shot of hot sake?? Hot Sake (Atsukan) is sold at convenience stores’ hot beverage counters and it’s a popular alcohol beverage in winter.

Hot Pot Dish (鍋)- One of nation’s favourite dishes during winter which literally makes you warm. It’s served in a large pot and can be enjoyed with many different flavours of your choice with various ingredients with stocked soup or water. Hot pot dishes are common home cooking dish, but can be enjoyed at many restaurants, too. Sharing the dish with others keeps people close and warm up together!

UNIQLO’s Heattech– The Heattech series by UNIQLO has become a winter essential worldwide over the past decade, and the products has even been improving for the better quality and function since its first release 20 years ago. The series is now available with three types: regular heattech, extra warm and ultra warm.

Haramaki (腹巻)- Belly warmer has been used in Japan for many years for health and fashion reason, especially among women to cover and warm up the stomach. Haramaki care nowadays made of  many different fabrics and designs.

Onsen (温泉)- One of the best activities in Japan during winter is Onsen (hot spring bath). Especially, outdoor Onsen is great option during winter as you can enjoy snowy scenery while bathing in many spots. For more information about Onsen spots in Japan, please check out the articles below!

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Japan Winter Outfits picked out by Uniqlo

Uniqlo, one of the most famous and popular Japanese clothing brands all over the world, offers these coolest coordinations for this winter for both men and women. If you don’t like to bring bulky winter clothes from your country, how about shopping at Uniqlo drawing on the coordinations reasonably. Uniqlo offers a wide range of quality and functional winter clothes such as the heat-tech range, fleece lined leggings and packable down jacket. Get Uniqlo outfits and travel comfortably in cold weather!



Left for indoor: Crew-neck sweater (3,990 yen + tax), Skirt (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for those who are resistant to cold: Blocktech coat (7,990 yen + tax), Flannel shirt (1,490 yen + tax), Turtleneck sweater (1,990 yen + tax), Boa pants (2,990 yen + tax)


Left: Ultra Light Down compact coat (3,990 yen + tax), Turtleneck sweater (1,990 yen + tax), Skirt (2,990 yen + tax),

Right: Wool blend hooded coat (9,990 yen + tax), Cashmere turtleneck sweater (7,990 yen + tax), Wool blend flared skirt(3,990 yen + tax), Bag (1,990 yen + tax)

Check more coordinations for women>>https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/women



Left for indoor: Turtleneck sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Ankle pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Middle for those who are relatively resistant to cold: Ultra Light Down Parka (7,990 yen + tax), Heattech extra warm turtleneck(TBD), Chino pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for November: Down parka (14,900 yen + tax), Parka (2,990 yen + tax), Crew-neck sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Ankle pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Check more coordinations for men>>https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/men

*These coordinations above are just instances, so all of them are not necessarily sold at Uniqlo in this season.

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