What to Wear in Japan during Autumn: September, October and November 2019

Cool coordinations suggested by UNIQLO for Autumn: September, October and November

Are you wondering what to wear in Japan on your next trip? It is a little difficult to find out what the temperature is in foreign countries that you have not been to. Especially, Japan has four seasons with the large temperature difference. Today, I’d like to introduce what to wear and how warm/cold it is in Japan during autumn: September, October and November. Here are also some coordinations perfect for autumn in Japan suggested by Uniqlo, one of the best Japanese clothing brands.

What is the weather in Japan during autumn

Autumn is one of the most comfortable seasons in Japan. Not too hot or too cold. Here, we have the average temperature in Tokyo in these three years. Please refer this when you are considering what to wear. If you plan to take a trip to Hokkaido or Tohoku areas, they have a little colder temperature than Tokyo, especially in November.

Average temperature in Tokyo:

September: 23℃/46.4℉

October: 17℃/62.6℉

November: 12℃/53.6℉

What to wear

In September, only T-shirts are enough in the daytime, but you may feel a little cold in early morning and at night. It’s better to wear long-sleeve shirts or put a jacket/coat in October and November. You would need a coat in the late November. Northern Japan including Hokkaido and Tohoku region gets cold earlier than other areas.

Outfits picked out by Uniqlo

One of the leading Japanese clothing brands Uniqlo shows these coordinations below with the latest outfits for both men and women. You don’t need to bring lots of clothes from your country since there are a large number of clothing stores including Uniqlo all over Japan.






Left for September: Plaid shirt (1,980 yen + tax), T-shirt (1,000 yen + tax), Chino pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Middle for October: Navy Shirt (1,990 yen + tax), Hoodie (2,990 yen + tax), Slim jeans (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for November: Hoodie (2,990 yen + tax), Ultra Light Down Jacket (5,990 yen + tax), Chino pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Check more coordinations for men>>https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/men






Left for September: Blouse (1,990 yen + tax), Skirt (2,990 yen + tax)

Middle for October: Denim jacket (3,990 yen + tax), Sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Skirt (TBD)

Right for November: Cashmere coat (14,990 yen + tax), Sweater (TBD), Jeans (2,990 yen + tax)

Check more coordinations for women>>https://www.uniqlo.com/jp/stylingbook/pc/women

*These coordinations above are just instances, so all of them are not necessarily sold at Uniqlo in this season.

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If you plan to take a trip to Japan in autumn, check the latest information about events and things to do in the season.

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