What to Wear in Japan in Spring: March, April and May

What to wear in Japan in March, April and May

Spring is the best season to travel in Japan for beautiful cherry blossoms and its comfortable climate. You can travel all around Japan in a comfortable climate: it is not too hot or too cold. However, for that reason, you may wonder what to wear in spring in Japan.

Today, I’d like to introduce spring in Japan with the guide to what to wear in March, April and May. Here are also nice coordinations for both men and women suggested by Uniqlo. To enjoy traveling Japan in spring in your best condition, check out the weather and spring fashion guide in advance!!

What is the weather in Japan during spring

Certainly, spring is an easy season to travel in Japan comfortably, but there is large difference in temperature in the season. March is looked on as spring in Japan while it has snow in Hokkaido and Northern Japan. And a little snow is left until early or mid April in those areas. In Tokyo and Kanto region, it gets warmer and warmer from March, and cherry blossoms start blooming around mid March and fully bloom between late March and early April. In May, it is calm and sometimes hot, and then rainy season draws with humidity.

Here, we have the daily average temperatures in Tokyo during spring between 2010 and 2022.

Average temperature in Tokyo:

March: 8-13°C (46.4-55.4°F)

April: 13-17°C (55.4-62.6°F)

May: 18-21°C (64.4-69.8°F)

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What to wear in Japan during winter

In March in Japan, you may still feel cold especially in the early morning and evening as it snows in some areas like Hokkaido. It’s recommended to wear a layer of clothing: long-sleeved T-shirts, a sweater and a down coat maybe. In April, it’s enough for many people to wear T-shirts and a jacket, a parka or a thin coat. In May, some people just wear T-shirts in the daytime, however, it’s useful to have a cardigan sweater or a jacket just in case.

Outfits picked out by Uniqlo

What should you wear in spring during March, April and May in Japan in particular? Today, I’d like to introduce some cool coordinations offered by Uniqlo. It’s no problem if you notice you don’t match the climate of Japan during your staying in the country. There are numerous clothing stores where you can buy fashionable clothes at an affordable rate such as Uniqlo and GU.



Left for March: Short down coat (7,990 yen + tax), V-neck sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Front-button circular skirt(2,990 yen + tax)

Middle for April: Fleece jacket (1,990 yen + tax), Heattech crew-neck(1,990 yen + tax), Boa pants (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for May: Sweatparka (2,990 yen + tax), Jeans (TBD)



Left for March: Ultra Light Down Parka (5,990 yen + tax), Parka (2,990 yen + tax) Turtleneck T-shirts (1,000 yen + tax)

Middle for April: Crew-neck sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Flannel shirts (1,990 yen + tax) Backpack (2,990 yen + tax)

Right for May: Crew-neck T-shirts (1,000 yen + tax), Crew-neck sweater (2,990 yen + tax), Ankle pants (2,990 yen + tax)

*These coordinations above are just instances, so all of them are not necessarily sold at Uniqlo in this season.

There are countless tourist attractions in spring in Japan and you will spend some time outside: viewing cherry blossoms, joining Japanese festivals, picking strawberries and so on. So, don’t forget to perfectly coordinate yourself! For more info about travel tips in spring or fashion in Japan, you might also like these articles below, too!

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