Starbucks Japan Sakura Tumblers and Mugs 2024

Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection 2024: Cherry Blossom Theme Merchandise

Spring is just around the corner, marking the eagerly anticipated cherry blossom season in Japan, and with it comes the highly awaited announcement: the special Starbucks Japan Sakura collection!

This year, the concept of the SAKURA series is “SAKURA makes you cheered”, offering customers an early cherry blossom experience through exclusive beverages and food. Additionally, Starbucks will be enhancing its AR system to provide a fresh and unique experience. Join us this Spring 2024 to savor the vibrant and dynamic cherry blossom experience at Starbucks Japan stores nationwide!

As in previous years, Starbucks Japan’s 2024 Sakura collection will debut on February 15, 2024, and will be available until stocks last. Due to their immense popularity, these products tend to sell out quickly in select stores. If you’re eager to try the cherry blossom-flavored drinks and food, be sure to mark your calendar for the release date and visit your nearest Starbucks store. Stay tuned for the announcement of a second edition of cherry blossom special beverages in the weeks to come by keeping an eye on this article!

Here we are introducing the beautiful and delicious limited Sakura-themed merchandise collection, available only in Japan in Spring 2024! Check out the colorful and bold merchandise featuring the joy of cherry blossoms in full bloom, and experience the early spring vibes while delighting in the vibrant designs.

-Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Merchandise 2024

The Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom merchandise collection, released annually in Spring, garners global attention. Under the theme “SAKURA makes you cheered”, the first series of Starbucks Japan Sakura Collection will launch on February 15, 2024, online, followed by availability in Starbucks stores across Japan on February 20! Featuring designs inspired by cherry blossoms in pink and purple hues, these items evoke the beauty and delicacy of the sakura. The lineup includes tumblers and mugs, with some items ideal for picnics or cherry blossom viewing outings.

Experience the joy of cherry blossoms with this colorful and bold merchandise designed to uplift your spirits and evoke early spring vibes!

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Stainless Steel Mini Bottle white 355ml 4,900 yen
SAKURA2024 stainless Steel Go Bottle Baby Pink 473ml​ 4,900 yen
SAKURA2024 Carved Stainless Steel Bottle Colorful Petal 355ml 4,600 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Handy Stainless Bottle Vivid Pink 500ml 5,500 yen
SAKURA2024 Bottle Blush Pink 473ml 2,200 yen
Stainless steel bottle STANLEY glitter purple 473ml 5,300 yen

Left to Right:
3WAY stainless steel tumbler STANLEY glitter vivid pink 473ml 4,600 yen
SAKURA2024 Stainless TOGO Cup Tumbler Colorful Petal 355ml 4,400 yen
SAKURA2024 Water Intumbler Pink Glitter 473ml 2,500 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Cold Cup Tumbler Sequins 651ml 2,600 yen
SAKURA2024 Mug Colorful Petal 355ml 2,450 yen
SAKURA2024 Mug Flower Emboss 355ml 2,300 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Heat Resistant Glass Mug 355ml 2,600 yen
SAKURA2024 Bead Handle Heat Resistant Glass Mug 296ml 2,800 yen
SAKURA2024 Color Changing Mug 355ml 2,550 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Cold Kraft Paper Shopper S 2,350 yen
SAKURA2024 Starbucks Campus Ring Note Pink 550 yen
SAKURA2024 Starbucks Campus Ring Note Baby Pink 550 yen

Left to Right:
SAKURA2024 Starbucks Mini Cup Gift Colorful Petal 1,050 yen
SAKURA2024 Bearista Message Gift 1,500 yen
SAKURA2024 Beverage Card Pink 700 yen

Left to Right:
Starbucks Card SAKURA Vivid Pink
Starbucks Card SAKURA Glitter
Mini Starbucks Card SAKURA Colorful Petal

The second edition of Starbucks Japan’s cherry blossom merchandise is also available now! See the link below to check all items from the collection:

Been There Series SPRING

In addition to the Cherry Blossom’s collection, you can also get the Spring version of the Starbucks “Been There Series” collection that comes out every year for this season.

Left to Right:
Been There Series Stainless Steel Bottle JAPAN Spring 473ml 5,450 yen
Been There Series Mug JAPAN Spring 414ml 2,600 yen
Been There Series Tote Bag JAPAN Spring 3,000 yen

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-Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Beverage 2024

Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Beverage 2024
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Every year, Starbucks Japan releases its spring-limited cherry blossom flavor drinks, much anticipated by both locals and visitors. In Spring 2024, Starbucks is excited to introduce two new Sakura-flavored beverages: a cold frappuccino and a hot latte, exclusively available in Japan from February 15, through March 12, 2024.

Experience the essence of hanami with Starbucks’ Hanami Dango Frappuccino, featuring tricolor dumplings for a delightful “mochi mochi” texture and a gentle Sakura flavor. For a comforting option, try the Hanami Sakura Cream, infused with Spring Blossoming and Caramel flavor syrup, offering a taste reminiscent of blooming spring flowers, topped with crispy Sakura feuilletine for added texture.

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-Starbucks Japan Cherry Blossom Food 2024

In addition, every year Starbucks Japan will also offer special food inspired by cherry blossoms. Classics such as the every-year favorite Sakura Chiffon Cake and doughnuts will be also available in Spring 2024.

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