Best Sakura Cosmetics Products in Japan 2024

Must-Buy Cherry Blossom Theme Beauty Products in Japan

The cherry blossom season is just around the corner! As much as we love watching this elegant and charming flower, we also anticipate Sakura inspired products which are released by many different companies before/during the cherry blossom season in Japan including snacks, desserts, drinks, tableware, stationery, clothes, etc.

Many cosmetics companies in Japan also sell limited-edition Sakura theme beauty products including skin care, makeup, hair care and body care. Some of top-selling Japanese beauty products are exclusively available with cherry blossom inspired colour, scents or packages including sheet mask, lipstick, eyeshadow, hand cream and shampoo.

If you love both cherry blossoms and Japanese beauty products, don’t miss this opportunity to shop seasonal cherry blossom themed cosmetics products which are only available this time of the year!

In this article, I would like to introduce some of Sakura theme beauty products released in Japan in 2024 spring. Let’s check them out!

Lululun Face Mask

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Japanese cult-favourite face mask brand, Lululun releases the cherry blossom themed face mask with a limited number every year. The mask is formulated for the rough skin damaged by UV rays, pollen and humidity in spring. It contains a rich amount of skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients including cherry flower extract, rapeseed oil and coltsfoot extract. The mask has a light scent of cherry blossoms and comes in a special spring-edition pink package.

Price: 1,760 yen

Saborino Face Mask


The top-selling Japanese sheet mask brand, Saborino releases their signature morning face mask Saborino Mezama Sheet with Sakura version every spring. Saborino Mezama Sheet is an all-in-one face mask that cleanses, moisturizes and primes the skin for makeup only in 1 minute. The spring edition contains extracts of cherry blossom flower and leaf as well as cherry, raspberry and rosehip to nourish the skin. You can enjoy the delightful scent of cherry blossoms as well as the cute pink package.

Price: 1,430 yen

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Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash

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Suisai Beauty Clear Powder Wash is an award-winning enzyme face wash powder which is highly popular both in Japan and overseas. Two types of enzyme and amino acid cleansing ingredients actively remove the causes of clogged pores and blackheads, and lead to clear and smooth skin. The spring edition of the face wash is available with a scent of cherry blossoms and white peach, and the pale pink powder and package inspired by cherry blossoms.

SUNCUT UV Protect Spary

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The popular Japanese sunscreen brand, SUNCUT by KOSE offers a wide range of sunscreen products including cream, milk, stick and tinted essence. Their spray type sunscreen is highly popular as it’s light and smooth while providing the powerful UV protection with SPF50+PA++++. In 2024 spring, the SUNCUT spray sunscreen is available with a cherry blossom scent for a limited time, containing a cherry blossom extract and featuring a charming cherry blossom themed package. It provides a delightful scent while protecting the skin from the UV ray.

Price: 968 yen

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The beauty brand JILL STUART’s spring cosmetics collection, Sakura Bouquet consists of various beauty products with cherry blossom theme. Some of popular cosmetics products from the brands such as eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lip serum are available with limited shades inspired by gorgeous Yaezakura cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom scented perfume and hair mist are also available in cherry blossom themed bottles.

Sakura Bouquet Bloom Couture Eyes 6,380 yen
Sakura Bouquet  Eye Diamond Glimmer 2,750 yen
Sakura Bouquet Blooming Lash Nuance Color 3,300 yen
Sakura Bouquet Blooming Drop Lip and Cheek Chiffon 3,300 yen
Sakura Bouquet Lip Bouquet Serum 3,740 yen

CEZANNE Face Glow Powder

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One of the most popular Japanese drugstore cosmetics brands, CEZANNE released a limited shade of the Face Glow Powder, the brand’s top-selling face powder. The palette contains a blush inspired by “Cherry blossoms in full bloom at night” and a highlight of pale cherry blossom colour. It has a smooth and moist texture, and is blended with beauty oil and fine pearls that adds a luster and brightness to the skin when you apply onto your base makeup.

Price: 660 yen

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Para Do

© Parado

Para Do is a Japanese cosmetics brand with a wide range of affordable makeup and skin care products that are sold at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan. Sakura Veil Lip is a lip serum that contains a rich amount of moisturizing ingredients including a cherry blossom extract and adds a a natural tint and luster to lips. In 2024 spring, the product is available with two types: a regular type with sheen cherry blossom shade (PK01) and a plumper type with red shade (RD01).

Price: RD01 (plumper type) 990 yen/PK01 770 yen

Jo Malone London

© Jo Malone London 2020

Jo Malone London, a luxury brand producing iconic perfume and home fragrance products, released a limited-time perfume with the scent of cherry blossoms. Jo Malone London Sakura Cherry Blossom Collection is available with perfume, hair mist and hand cream, which express the ephamerality of Japanese cherry blossoms with a light floral scent and has a lovely and delicate scent of cherry blossom and rose with a touch of fresh bergamot for a finish.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Cologne 11,550 yen (30ml), 22,660 yen (100ml)
Sakura Cherry Blossom Hair Mist 8,580 yen
Sakura Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 6,160 yen

House of Rose


The Japanese skin care brand, House of Rose releases their spring body care collection “Sakura Fufufu” every year. The lineup for 2024 edition includes a range of Sakura themed body care products such as body soap, body cream, hand cream, body fragrance and bath powder. All products contains beauty extract and scent of cherry blossoms as well as beautiful Sakura inspired package.

Sakura Fufufu Milky Body Cream 1,430 yen
Sakura Fufufu Lip Moisture 1,100 yen
Sakura Fufufu Body Soap 1,430 yen
Sakura Fufufu Body Whip Mousse 1,650 yen
Sakura Fufufu Hand Cream 990 yen
Sakura Fufufu Body Cologne 1,980 yen
Sakura Fufufu Soap 275 yen
Sakura Fufufu Bath Bead 132 yen
Sakura Fufufu Bath Powder and Tablet 275 yen
Sakura Fufufu Fabric Water 1,210 yen


Copyright © L’OCCITANE, 2023.

The French luxury beauty brand, L’OCCITANE releases a new body care collection of the 2024 spring-edition “Cherry Strawberry”. The lineup includes fragrance, shower gel, body milk and hand cream, with a delightful and fruity scent of full blooming cherry blossoms and juicy strawberry. The products also comes in a package with a limited design of pale pink cherry blossoms and red strawberries.

Cherry Strawberry Eau de Toilette 8,030 yen
Cherry Strawberry Moisture Mist 3,410 yen
Cherry Strawberry Shower Gel 3,250 yen
Cherry Strawberry Hand Cream 1,760 yen
Cherry Strawberry Body Milk 4,620 yen


©2021 YOLU

YOLU is a Japanese hair care brand with hair care products that deliver an intensive night care and protect hair from damages from dryness and friction during sleep. The spring-only YOLU Sakura Night Repair Series is available with 3 different types; Calm (Moist), Relax (Smooth) and Deep (Damage Care) that you can choose according to your hair condition or finish. The lineup includes shampoo, hair treatment and hair oil. The series features delightful and relaxing cherry blossom scent as well as the limited-edition bottles inspired by “cherry blossom at night”.

YOLU Sakura Night Repair Shampoo 1,540 yen (Calm/Relax), 1,650 yen (Deep)
YOLU Sakura Night Repair Treatment 1,540 yen (Calm/Relax), 1,650 yen (Deep)
YOLU Sakura Night Repair Hair Oil 1,540 yen (Calm/Relax), 1,650 yen (Deep)
YOLU Sakura Deep Night Repair Balm Hair Mask 1,650 yen


Copyright ViCREA inc,

&Honey is a Japanese beauty brand produces a range of hair care and skin care products using honey, which is highly effective for nourishing and moisturizing skin and hair. In 2024, the spring-edition “&Honey Sakura Limited Design Series” is released with hair care and skin care products with the scent and package featuring cherry blossoms. The line up includes shampoo, hair treatment and hair oil from two hair care series, &Honey Deep and &Honey Pixi as well as a hair styling stick and a cleansing balm.

&Honey Sakura Moist Pair Set 3,080 yen (Deep/Pixi) *with shampoo, hair treatment and a trial sachet of Melty 4STEP
&Honey Sakura Moist Hair Oil 1,540 yen (Deep/Pixi)
&Honey Sakura Cleansing Balm Clear 1,980 yen
&Honey Sakura Hair Styling Stick 1,078 yen

Thanks for reading! Many Sakura theme products are sold with a limited number or for a limited time, so make sure to shop them while they are available! For more information about cherry blossoms in Japan, I’d recommend you to check out these articles!

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