Best Beauty Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2023

The Best Cosmetics Awards 2023: Grand Prize/Hall of Fame/Best New Buys

@cosme is Japan’s biggest and the most influential beauty website, introducing cosmetics products with reviews of real users. The website hosts beauty awards called The Best Cosmetics Awards twice a year (in June and December), featuring the up-to-date rankings of popular beauty products in Japan by category. The awards are incredibly influential as the rankings are based on real users’ voices, and award-winning products tend to become even more popular or sell out quickly after the announcement.

@cosme lately revealed The Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 with the latest rankings of best cosmetics products in Japan. In this article, I’d like to introduce the list of the beauty products that won the most honorable titles: the Grand Prize, Hall of Fame and Year-End Best New Buys. Let’s find out the best cosmetics products to buy in Japan in 2023–2024!

If you wish to check out more rankings from different categories including skin care and makeup, I have attached links to them on the bottom of the page, too 🙂

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🏆 Grand Prizes 🏆

The Grand Prizes go to beauty products that received the most positive reviews from users through the year. The winner of The Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 is ORBIS Essence In Hair Milk (hair care category), followed by DECORTE Liposome Advanced Repair Cream (face cream category) and CEZANNE Super Slim Eyebrow (eyebrow category).

Winner: ORBIS Essence In Hair Milk (1,320 yen) [Shop Online]

Runner-up: DECORTE Liposome Advanced Repair Cream (11,000 yen)

3rd place: CEZANNE Super Slim Eyebrow (550 yen) [Shop Online]

4th place: DECORTE Liposome Advanced Repair Serum (30ml 8,250 yen/50ml 12,100 yen/75ml 16,500 yen) [Shop Online]

5th place: Cle du Peau BEAUTE Correcting Cream Veil (7,150 yen)

6th place: LANCÔME Advanced Génifique (11,000 yen) [Shop Online]

7th place: Heroine Make Speedy Mascara Remover (924 yen) [Shop Online]

8th place: KANEBO Scrubbing Mud Wash (2,750 yen) [Shop Online]

9th place: DECORTE Sun Shelter Tone up CC (3,300 yen)

10th place: DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer (4,620 yen) [Shop Online]

⭐ Hall of Fame ⭐

The Best Cosmetics Awards “Hall of Fame” title goes to the products that have won the awards multiple times and are considered as the best beauty products of all time. Every year, new products are added to the list honorably, and 12 new products made it on to the list in 2023.

KOSE Make Keep Mist EX (1,320 yen) [Shop Online]

Takami Skin Peel Essence (5,500 yen) [Shop Online]

MAQuillAGE Dramatic Powdery EX (4,400 yen) [Shop Online]

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder (5,830 yen)

KATE Lip Monster (1,540 yen) [Shop Online]

DIOR Backstage Face Glow Palette (6,050 yen) [Shop Online]

atrix Beauty Charge Night Superior (Open Price)

Maison Margiela Fragrances REPLICA Lazy Sunday Morning Eau de Toilette (11,880 yen) [Shop Online]

Okuchi Lemon (242 yen)

AYURA Meditation Bath (2,200 yen) [Shop Online]

BARTH Recovery & Treat (990 yen) [Shop Online]

SOFY SyncroFit (Open Price)

Check out more beauty products on @cosme Hall of Fame list HERE ▶ Best of Beauty: Award Winning Japanese Beauty Products

🐣 Year-End Best New Buys 🐣

The Year End Best New Buy Awards go to the products that were newly released in the second half of the year. You can the check the most trending, latest beauty products in Japan with this list. Here are 18 best new-buys of 2023 year-end.

-Skin Care Category

Best Cleansing: shu uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil (5,720 yen)

Best Face Wash: SABON Face Polisher Comforting Rose (4,950 yen)

Best Face Lotion: Curel Moisture Facial Lotion Ⅲ Enrich (2,090 yen)

Best Booster: VT Reedle Shot 100 (3,520 yen)

Best Face Cream: DEW tann tann conc drop (4,180 yen)

Best Balm: ONE BY KOSE Serum Shield (5,500 yen)

Best Face Mask: b idol Make Routine Mask R (1,650 yen)

-Base Makeup Category

Best Primer: DECORTE Flawless Rich Glow Primer (4,950 yen)

Best Foundation: SHISEIDO Essence Skin Glow Foundation (7,590 yen)

Best Face Powder: MAQuillAGE Dramatic Essence Veil Loose Powder (refill 3,080 yen/case 1,100 yen)

-Makeup Category

Best Eyeshadow: DECORTE Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow (2,970 yen)

Best Eyebrow: rom&nd Han All Brow Cara (1,210 yen)

Best Lipstick: Visee Nenmaku Fake Rouge (1,540 yen)

Best Blush: CEZANNE Cheek Blush (550 yen)

-Body and Hair Care Category

Best Shampoo and Conditioner: ulumee Moist Protein Shampoo and Treatment (1,540 yen)

Best Hair Care: SABON Scalp Scrub Cooling Mint (2,420 yen)

Best Hand Cream: DIOR Le Baume (7,260 yen)

-Beauty Goods Category

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Best Beauty Tool: Rosy Rosa Multi Use Brush (638 yen)

You can check the newly released beauty products from the first half of the year HERE ▶ Best New Beauty Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2023 Mid-Year

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 can be found at the @cosme website! →

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