Makeup Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2023

Best Makeup Products to Buy in Japan 2023–2024

The Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 by @cosme has just been revealed with the latest rankings of Japanese cosmetics products! @cosme is Japan’s largest online beauty portal/shopping website, providing get up-to-date and trustworthy information about Japanese beauty products based on real users’ voices.

@cosme hosts The Best Cosmetics Awards twice a year in June (mid-year) and December (year-end), introducing the best cosmetics products by category with rankings which is based on reviews from cosmetics users in Japan. It’s the most anticipated beauty event in Japan and is so influential that awarded products tend to become even more popular or sell out after the awards are revealled.

In this article, I will share the latest rankings of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 with top three items in each makeup product including mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipsticks and more. Let’s catch up with the latest Japanese beauty trends for 2023–2024!

If you wish to check out more rankings from different categories, I have attached links to them on the bottom of the page, too 🙂

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Best Eyeshadow Palette

1st place: LUNASOL Eye Coloration (6,820 yen)

2nd place: ADDICTION The Eyeshadow Palette (6,820 yen)

3rd place: CEZANNE Beige Tone Eyeshadow (748 yen)

Best Single Colour Eyeshadow

1st place: DECORTE Eye Glow Gem Skin Shadow (2,970 yen)

2nd place: ADDICTION The Eyeshadow Sparkle (2,200 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: LAURA MERCIER Caviar Stick Eye Color (3,520 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Eyeliner

1st place: msh Love Liner Liquid Eyeliner R4 (1,760 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: D-UP Silky Liquid Eyeliner WP (1,430 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: dejavu Lasting Fine Ultra-Fine Cream Pencil (1,320 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Under-Eye & Double-Eyelid Makeup

1st place: CEZANNE Drawing Double Eyelid Eyeliner (660 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: Wonjungyo Metal Shower Pencil (1,650 yen)

3rd place: CEZANNE Glow Liquid Liner (638 yen)

Best Mascara

1st place: Maybelline Sky High (1,639 yen)

2nd place: CEZANNE Lasting Curl Mascara (638 yen)

3rd place: pdc Pmel Perfect Long & Curl Mascara (1,100 yen)

Best Eyebrow

1st place: CEZANNE Super Slim Eyebrow (550 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: dejavu Eyebrow Color (880 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: rom&nd Han All Brow Cara (1,210 yen)

Best Lipstick

1st place: Visee Nenmaku Fake Rouge (1,540 yen)

2nd place: CEZANNE Lip Color Shield (660 yen)

3rd place: DIOR Addicted Lip Glow (4,620 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Liquid Lipstick

1st place: DIOR Addict Lip Maximizer (4,620 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: CEZANNE, Watery Tint Lip (660 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: Fujiko Nuance Lip Tint (1,408 yen)

Best Blush

1st place: ALLIE Chrono Beauty Color On UV (1,760 yen)

2nd place: LAURA MERCIER, Blush Color Infusion (3,850 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: CLINIQUE Cheek Pop (4,180 yen)

Best Face Palette

1st place: Wonjungyo W Daily Mood Up Palette (2,420 yen)

2nd place: CANMAKE Perfect Multi Eyes (858 yen)

3rd place: i’m meme Multi Cube (1,870 yen)

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 can be found at the @cosme website! →

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