Body and Hair Care Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2023

Best Body Care and Hair Products to Buy in Japan 2023–2024

The latest Japanese cosmetics rankings, the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 Year-End have just been revealed by @cosme, one of the most influential beauty websites in the world!

@cosme hosts beauty awards twice a year in June and December, featuring the latest rankings of the best beauty products in Japan from various categories including skin care, makeup and body care. The rankings are based on real voices and reviews from cosmetics users so you can get the up-to-date and trustworthy information about Japanese beauty trends!

In this article, I’m going to share the latest rankings of body and hair care products including body wash, deodorant, hand cream, nail polish and hair care products. Let’s take a look at the most trending must-buy beauty products in Japan for 2023–2024!

If you wish to check out more rankings from different categories including skin care and makeup, I have attached links to them on the bottom of the page, too 🙂

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Best Body Care

1st place: Curel Bath Time Moist Barrier Cream (1,980 yen)

2nd place: Care Cera AP Face & Body Milk (1,320 yen)

3rd place: FANCL Body Milk Brightening & Aging Care (1,320 yen)

Best Body Wash

1st place: DEOCO Body Cleanse (Open Price) [Shop Online]

2nd place: NIVEA Angel Skin Body Wash Savon & Bouquet Scent
(Open Price ) [Shop Online]

3rd place: HACCI Body Wash Bee Hug (4,950 yen)

Best Intimate Area Care

1st place: iroha INTIMATE WASH Foam Type (1,650 yen)

2nd place: ARGITAL Delicate Hygiene Soap (2,860 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: PH JAPAN Feminine Wash Shower Splash (988 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Deodorant

1st place: AYURA Aroma Body Sheet (15 sheets 825 yen/30 sheets 1,430 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: CLINIQUE Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On (4,180 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: Deonatulle Sarasara Cream (990 yen)

Best Hand Cream

1st place SAHNE Sahne Cream (748 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: SHISEIDO Ultimune Power infusing Hand Cream (2,200 yen)

3rd place: Jill Stuart Hand Cream White Floral (1,320 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Hand Soap and Gel

1st place: Cle du Peau BEAUTE Hand Sanitizer Gel (1,650 yen)

2nd place: Aesop Andrum Aromatique Hand Wash (5,170 yen)

3rd place: DIOR Miss Dior Hand Gel (4,400 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Nail Polish

1st place: excel Nail Polish N (1,100 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: Nail Holic (330 yen)

3rd place: rom&nd Mood Pebble Nail (880 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Fragrance

1st place: Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia Cologne (30ml 10,890 yen/50ml 15,400 yen/100ml 21,340 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: DECORTE Kimono Yui Eau De Toilette (15ml 3,520 yen/50ml 9,130 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: DIOR Miss Dior Hair Mist (5,940 yen)

Best Shampoo and Conditioner

1st place: Essential The Beauty Barrier Shampoo and Conditioner (Open Price)

2nd place: KUNDAL Honey & Macadamia Ylang Ylang Scented Shampoo and Conditioner (1,650 yen each) [Shop Online]

3rd place: THERATIS by mixim Night Repair Shampoo and Hair Treatment (1,540 yen each)

Best Hair Care

1st place: ORBIS Essence In Hair Milk (1,320 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: Essential The Beauty Water Treatment EX Smooth (Open Price)

3rd place: fino Premium Touch Penetration Serum Hair Oil (Open Price) [Shop Online]

Best Hair Color

1st place: Liese Foam Color (Open Price)

2nd place: CIELO Color Treatment (Open Price)

3rd place: SOMARCA Color Shampoo/Colour Charge (1,980 yen/2,200 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Hair Styling

1st place: ReFa Lock Oil (2,640 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: plus eau Point Repair (1,210 yen) [Shop Online]

3rd place: The Product Hair Wax (2,178 yen) [Shop Online]

Best Scalp Care

1st place: Predia Fango Head Cleanse Spa+ (2,200 yen) [Shop Online]

2nd place: JILL STUART Deep Head Cleanse White Floral (3,630 yen)

3rd place: AVEDA Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment (6,380 yen) [Shop Online]

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2023 can be found at the @cosme website! →

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