Best Japanese Sunscreens for Body

Must-Buy Body Sunscreens in Japan

Japanese cosmetics products are popular worldwide today, and among a wide variety of makeup and skin care items, sunscreens are especially in high demand because of their quality, effectiveness and value for the price. In Japan, there are hundreds of sunscreen products on the market with a wide price range, moreover, some products are designed for particular purposes or scenes.

Generally, sunscreens can be used for both face and body, but many Japanese people use several sunscreens daily, depending on which part of body they apply. This is because of several reasons such as some people have sensitive skin, want high skin care/makeup effects on their face or require higher strength on body sunscreen.

I have previously introduced great Japanese sunscreen products including for sensitive skin, acne prone skin and multi-purpose. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of effective and high-quality sunscreens for body with a great longevity and sun protection rates.

Listed products were released within the past few years and have unique and trendy features as well as the latest technology, so if you want to try the latest Japanese sunscreen products, these products are highly recommended! So let’s check them out 🙂

1. ANESSA Perfect UV Skin Care Milk,f=webp:jpeg/resources/sw/products/img/20200225/SHOHIN_PL_C1_E80202.jpg
Copyright © Shiseido Co., Ltd.

ANESSA Perfect UV Skin Care Milk (アネッサ パーフェクトUV スキンケアミルク) is one of the most popular Japanese beauty products of all time, and has fans across the world. The lightweight, long-lasting sunscreen offers the high UV protection rate (SPF 50+/PA++++) and the great water and sweat resistant effect. It features the brand’s original “Termo Booster Technology”and “Aqua Booster EX Technology” that enhance the strength of UV protection when reacting to heat and exposed to water or sweat.

Price: 1,320 yen (20ml)/3,300 yen (60ml) [Buy it Now]

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

2. Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk

Copyright © Kao Corporation.

The top selling Japanese sunscreen brand Biore has released a new sunscreen series, Biore UV Athlizm Skin Protect Milk (ビオレUV アスリズム スキンプロテクトミルク) which has the greatest longevity of all Biore’s sunscreen lineup. With the new tough boost technology, the product offers an amazing strength and durability in the hot and humid weather condition while protecting the skin with the highest SPF and PA rates. It’s super waterproof, but can be removed with a regular soap.

Price: 1,500 yen (65ml) [Buy it Now]

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

3. SPORTS beauty Sun Protect Milk

Copyright© KOSÉ Corporation.

SPORTS beauty Sun Protect Milk (スポーツ ビューティ サンプロテクト ミルク) is a long-lasting sunscreen milk which is recommended for outdoor activities and sports. This athlete-tested product offers a great durability against water, sweat and friction as well as the highest sun protection rate. It contains some beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid EX and collagen.

Price: 1,000 yen (20ml), 2,400 yen (60ml)

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

4. SKIN AQUA Tone up UV Essence

© ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

SKIN AQUA Tone up UV Essence (スキンアクア トーンアップUVエッセンス) is a popular colour-correcting sunscreen essence that has been renewed recently. The pearly lavender coloured sunscreen essence controls the skin colour and the reflection of the light, and makes skin tone brighter and more translucent. It’s light and smooth to apply, and easy to remove by soap.

Price: 1,000 yen (80g) [Buy it Now]

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

5. DHC Suncut Q10 Perfect Milk

Copyright © DHC Corporation

DHC is one of the top Japanese skin care brands, offering high-quality and trust-worthy beauty products at inexpensive prices. DHC Suncut Q10 Perfect Milk (DHC サンカットQ10パーフェクトミルク) offers a great longevity (water-, sweat- and smudge-proof) and high sun protection rates while preventing skin from the damage caused by UV rays and dryness. It contains beauty ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin smooth and moist.

Price: 1,800 yen (50ml)

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

6. Coppertone Perfect UV Cut Kireimise Marshmallow Skin

Copyright(c) Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Coppertone Perfect UV Cut Kireimise Marshmallow Skin (コパトーン パーフェクトUVカット キレイ魅せマシュマロ肌) is a gel cream formula sunscreen that has a great effect on correcting skin complexion. It contains the natural white powder that brightens up the skin tone as well as the pure skin essence and beauty ingredients that keep skin smooth and soft. It’s waterproof and has the highest sun protection rates, yet can be removed easily by regular soap.

Price: 900 yen (40g) [Buy it Now]

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

7. ORBIS Body UV Protector

Copyright © 1999–2021 ORBIS Inc.

ORBIS Body UV Protector (オルビス ボディ UV プロテクター) is a super-waterproof body sunscreen that offers powerful UV protection and skin care effect. It’s formulated with the brand’s original “Powder Emulsifying Technology” that achieves both longevity and comfortability. The lightweight sunscreen gel spreads evenly and forms a barrier over the skin against UV rays, which gets even stronger when contacting with sweat. It contains beauty ingredients such as white snow and arnica flower extracts to maintains the skin’s barrier function as well as rosehip extract and collagen to improve skin firmness. This gentle formula sunscreen is free of fragrance, coloring, alcohol and surfactant.

Price: 2,640 yen (80g) [Shop Online]



8. Parasola Glitter UV Spray

© Naris Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.

Parasola Glitter UV Spray (パラソーラ グリッター UV Spray) is an unique sunscreen spray comes with microfine glitters highlighting skin tone with the light reflection. The product comes in a cute and colourful package, and it’s a great product to use when you want to look gorgeous for special occasions such as for parties or events. This spray type sunscreen is smooth and non-sticky on the skin, and contains 10 different moisturizing ingredients. It’s water resistant but can be removed by body soap.

Price: 970 yen (70g)

SPF: 50+

PA: ++++

Thanks for reading! For more information about Japanese sunscreens, I have introduced some more great products in the listed articles below, so please check them out 🙂

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