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Must-Buy Japanese BB Creams at Drugstores

BB Cream is a new makeup product that has become hugely popular in the past decade. The BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm, and it’s a versatile cosmetic product that includes multiple functions such as skin care, make-up primer, sun protection, concealer, foundation, etc.

BB Cream is usually lighter than the regular foundation and has less coverage, but create more natural look and gives skin care treatments, which is suitable for daily use. It’s also a great item for saving time during the morning makeup routine. BB Cream is one of the makeup essentials today among makeup users worldwide, and has become as common as regular foundations.

BB Creams are hugely common here in Japan, too, and Japanese BB Creams are actually popular around the world today. Various kinds of BB Creams are sold at Japanese drugstores, and each BB Cream has a different function and effect such as coverage, longevity and SPF rate. In case you can’t decide which BB Cream to buy in Japan, I’d like to introduce some of the best Japanese BB Creams sold at Japanese drugstores.

KOSE Sekkisei White BB Cream

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SEKKISEI by KOSE is one of the most popular Japanese skin care brands across the world, and their lineup includes several base makeup products. SEKKISEI White BB Cream (雪肌精 ホワイト BBクリーム) is a whitening BB Cream with an amazing coverage and longevity. This all in one BB Cream works as a lotion, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, makeup base and foundation. It’s easy to blend into skin evenly and gives instantly a natural and translucent finish. It’s SPF 40/PA+++, and available with two shades. The moist type is also available for dry skin.

Price: 2,600 yen (30g) 【Buy Online】

Pore Putty Mineral BB Cream NATURAL MATTE

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The product won the third place for the Best BB Cream at The Best Cosmetics Award 2018 by the most influential cosmetics website in Asia, @cosme. PORE PUTTY MINERAL BB CREAM NATURAL MATTE (毛穴パテ職人 ミネラルBBクリーム NM) is a long-lasting, high coverage BB cream that gives skin a matte and pore-free look for all day. It’s suitable for oily skin or to use during hot and humid summer There are two other types of BB Cream available from this brand depending on skin type and functionality: ENRICH MOIST for dry skin and BRIGHT UP for fair skin.

Price: 1,200 yen (30g) 【Buy Online】

Dr. Ci:Labo BB Cream Enrich-Lift

Dr. Ci:Labo is Japan’s top medical cosmetics brand, offering a wide range of skin care products for various skin types. Dr. Ci:Labo BB Cream Enrich-Lift (ドクターシーラボ BBクリーム エンリッチリフト) is a waterproof, hydrating BB Cream with various beautifying ingredients. It offers 7 functions of beauty serum, cream, sun screen, makeup primer, concealer, foundation and pore cover. The product offers a great coverage and longevity, and helps dull and aged skin to look brighter naturally.

Price: 3,888 yen (30g)【Shop Online】

Moist Labo BB Essence Cream

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Moist Labo BB Essence Cream (モイストラボ BBエッセンスクリーム) is a hydrating BB Cream which keeps skin smooth and moisturised with three types of beautifying ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen and ceramide). It’s functioned as beautify serum, cream, UV protection, makeup primer, concealer and foundation. The shade is available in 4 colours. It’s has the highest sun protection rate (SPF 50 and PA++++).

Price: 1,200 yen (33g)

MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB

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MAQuillAGE is the famous Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido’s top selling makeup brand. MAQuillAGE Perfect Multi Base BB (マキアージュ パーフェクトマルチベース BB) is a multi-functional BB Cream that feels like a concentrated beauty liquid. It has great coverage, gives skin natural radiance and even the skin tone. It offers an outstanding longevity that stays around 10 hours. It’s SPF30/PA++, and suitable to use all year round.

Price: 3,000 yen (30g) 【Shop Online】



CHIFURE is one of the most popular Japanese drugstore cosmetics brands that offers a wide variety of makeup and skin care products at very very affordable prices. CHIFURE BB Cream (ちふれ BB クリーム) is possibly the best value BB Cream product in Japan, which has a good finish and longevity all over, and works as a beauty serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, makeup primer and foundation. With multiple moisturizing ingredients, it keeps skin hydrated. It’s available in 3 shades.

Price: 800 yen (50g)【Shop Online】

ettusais BB Mineral Cream

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ettusais BB Mineral Cream (エテュセ BBミネラルクリーム) is a 79% beauty serum-based multi-functional BB Cream, which is gentle on the skin and especially recommended for oily and acne prone skin type. It spreads naturally to even the skin tone, gives smooth and non-sticky finish, and controls oil without blocking pores. (SPF30・PA++)

Price: 1,800 yen (40g)

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