Best Japanese Cushion Foundations to Buy

Must-Buy Cushion Foundations in Japan

Cushion foundations are one of the trending beauty products worldwide in the past few years. Apparently, cushion foundations were invented in South Korea and quickly spread all around the world. In South Korea, there are so many kinds of cushion foundations released by multiple beauty brands, and the products are sold worldwide.

In Japan, some beauty companies also produce great quality cushion foundations, and some of them can be found at drugstores in Japan. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the best Japanese cushion foundations as well as popular Korean cushion foundations in Japan.

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ADDICTION Skin Reflect Lasting UV Cushion Foundation
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Addiction Skin Reflect Lasting UV Cushion Foundation (アディクション スキンリフレクト ラスティング UV クッションファンデーション)  is a cushion foundation formulated with Nude Cover Reflect Powder which reflects lights and creates natural-looking complexion. It creates an ultra-thin veil on the skin and delivers a lightweight feel and long-lasting natural luster up to 18 hours. It has SPF50+/PA++++.  6 colours available

Price: 4,950 yen [Shop Online]

CEZANNE Cushion Foundation
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CEZANNE is a popular Japanese cosmetics brand that produces a wide range of high-quality, innovative and affordable beauty products. CEZANNE Cushion Foundation (セザンヌ クッションファンデーション) is a moisturizing cushion foundation formulated with 5 kinds of moisturizing ingredients and a moisturizing oil. It covers spots, pores and uneven skin tone and provides a natural glossy ginish. Available with 3 shades.

Price: 1,078 yen [Shop Online]

MAQuillAGE Dramatic Cushion Jelly,f=webp:jpeg/resources/sw/products/img/20220725/SHOHIN_PL_C1_G32101.jpg
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MAQuillAGE Dramatic Cushion Jelly (マキアージュドラマティッククッションジェリー) is a jelly formula foundation solidified from the brand’s pore-less beauty serum liquid foundation. It evenly covers the skin and adhares tightly without crumbling. It provides long-lasting coverage and transparency up to 13 hours. It also has great UV protection with SPF50+・PA++++. Available with 3 shades.

Price: 3,520 yen [Shop Online]

&Be Cushion Foundation


&be Cushion Foundation (&be クッションファンデーション) provides a high coverage and natural finish. It covers visible pores and skin dullness, adding natural luster and smooth finish like porcelain. It contains moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin from dryness caused by environmental stressors such as air pollution. The non-chemical formula is gentle on the skin and can be removed easily with soap and warm water. Available with 3 shades.

Price: 3,520 yen [Shop Online]

Cle de Peau Beaute Teint Cushion Eclat Lumineux
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Cle de Peau Beaute Teint Cushion Eclat Lumineux (クレ・ド・ポー ボーテ タンクッションエクラ ルミヌ) provides the radiance of the skin with all-day moisture. It features the Glow Control Function that achieves luster and coverage with the improved elesticity and adhension according to the skin movement. The Glow Rich Hydrating Formula provides a long-lasting effects of dewy glow, skin care and fresh texture. Inspired by the radiance of diamond, the exclusive Light-Empowering Enhancer amplifies your radiant finish. It contains Bulgarian Rose Moisturizing Complex for a moisturizing effect. 6 shades are available

Price: 7,700 yen

+ More Must-Buy Cushion Foundations in Japan

There some great non-Japanese cushion foundation that I should definitely mention since they are also popular in Japan and won Japanese beauty awards multiple times. Let’s take a look at more of our favourite cushion foundations available in Japan!

Maybelline New York Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion BB,1000_QL80_.jpg
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MAYBELLINE is one of the most popular drugstore cosmetics brands worldwide and Japan is not an exception. Maybelline New York Super Cushion Ultra Cover Cushion BB (メイベリン ニューヨーク SP クッション ウルトラカバークッション) has won the title for the best cushion foundation on the Best Cosmetics Awards by @cosme in past. The cushion foundation provides high coverage and gives skin a long-lasting glossy look. Available in 2 shades. (SPF50+ / PA+++)

Price: 2,739 yen [Shop Online]

MISSHA M Cushion Foundation Moisture
Copyright 2021 (c) MISSHA JAPAN INC.

When it comes to cushion foundations, South Korea is the pioneer who obviously has the biggest cushion foundation industry. Missha is one of the most recognisable Korean beauty brands today, and its top selling beauty product is cushion foundations. MISSHA M Cushion Foundation Moisture (MISSHA M クッション ファンデーション(モイスチャー)) is an award-winning cushion foundation which acts as a makeup primer, foundation, sunscreen and moisturizing beauty serum. The set of refill and compact costs only 1,100 yen. There are also Pro-Cover (1,650 yen) and Matte (1,100 yen) types that you can choose according to your skin type or preferred finish. Available in 2 shades. (SPF50+ / PA+++)

Price: 1,100 yen [Shop Online]

CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP
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CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP (CLIO キル カバー ファンウェア クッション エックスピー)  is a popular Korean cushion foundation that provides an excellent coverage and 48 hours long wear. It covers uneven skin tone and dullness, gives semi matte finish and keeps the fresh look as it was first applied. Avaialable in 2 shades.

Price: 2,970 yen [Shop Online]

JUNG SAEM MOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion


JUNG SAEM MOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion (ジョンセンムル エッセンシャル スキン ヌーダー クッション) is another top-selling cushion foundation from South Korea that have won multiple beauty awards. The cushion foundation provides natural glow and long-lasting finish, and naturally covers skin uneven tone. Available in 7 shades. The long-lasting (Long Wear) and high-coverage (Cover Layer) types are also available.

Price: 5,830 yen [Shop Online]

How did you enjoy the list?? If you have never tries cushion foundations, how about trying one of them in Japan? Some of listed items can be found at Japanese drugstores or you can purchase them online, too!

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