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The cosmetics review/shopping website, @cosme has been the most popular and influential beauty source in Japan over the decade. @cosme provides the latest and trustworthy information about Japanese beauty products based on real users’ reviews.

@cosme hosts The Best Cosmetics Awards twice a year (mid-year and year-end), which is the most anticipated beauty awards in Japan. The awards cover rankings of popular beauty products by category such as skin care and make-up products. The awards also reveals the grand prize winner, the best newcomers and Hall of Face winners which are all based on votes of strict users in Japan.

There has been hundreds of beauty products that have won this honorable awards over the past years and some of award-winners became best-sellers not only in Japanese but also overseas.

If you are a fan of Japanese beauty products, you should definitely check out @cosme’s cosmetics rankings to find out which products are really popular among users in Japan.

In this article, I’m sharing the archives of @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards from 2016 to the latest year with rankings of the best skin care, base makeup, point makeup, hair and body care products.

Let’s check out the awarded beauty products in Japan from the past years as well as trending cosmetics products from the recent rankings!

2023 Year-End

2023 Mid-Year

2022 Year-End

2021 Year-End

2021 Mid-Year

2020 Year-End

2020 Mid-Year

2019 Year-End

2019 Mid-Year

2018 Year-End

2018 Mid-Year

2017 Year-End

2017 Mid-Year


Hall of Fame

Besides the annual cosmetics ranking, @cosme also reveals Hall of Fame beauty products. It’s the most honorable title given only to products that have won the award multiple times.

You can check the best beauty products of all time that are on @cosme Hall of Fame list from the link below.

@cosme Stores

Besides the online platform, @cosme has physical stores across the country, selling a wide range of beauty products and offering beauty counselling. Check out the best @cosme store in Tokyo and Osaka where you can find the latest trendy beauty products!

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▶Base Makeup
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