8 Best @cosme Stores in Tokyo

List of @cosme Stores in Tokyo


Have you heard of @cosme Store? @cosme Store is a physical shop produced by @cosme, which is the most popular cosmetic review online site in Japan. @cosme Srore is one of the most trending spots where people can buy various kinds of cosmetic items from cheap ones to expensive ones, including domestic and international brands.

Most of the stores have a counseling corner where you can consult with a beauty expert. Cosmetic items range from makeup items, skincare items, body care items, and hair care items to men’s items. As people don’t need to travel among multiple places to get different kinds of products, @cosme Stores are seen as a convenient shopping spot.  Let’s have a look at the 8 best @cosme Stores in Tokyo!!

1. @cosme TOKYO

@cosme Tokyo store is a flagship store of @cosme stores in Japan. It’s located in front of JR Harajuku Station, so a lot of young people who are keen on trends visit there to find their favorite cosmetic items. It is composed of 3 floors and includes about 600 cosmetic brands from luxury brands to affordable brands. The counseling room is located on the 1st floor where you can consult with a beauty specialist about the best cosmetic items according to your personal preferences.

A lot of items are laid out by sales ranking style weekly, monthly, and category respectively. There is an event space where some featuring brands pop up during a limited period, such as Korean brands.

2. @cosme Lumine Est Shinjuku

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@cosme Lumine Est Shinjuku store is situated on the B2nd floor of the Lumine Est Shinjuku building. The shop layout is very clear so that customers can find what they want easily. The shop keeps updating items following the latest trends.

As Lumine Est Shinjuku contains various kinds of fashion brands for both men and women, you can finish shopping all at once. Moreover, there are a lot of restaurants on the 7th and 8th floors. It is one of the best shopping spots in Tokyo, especially when the weather is not good.

3. @cosme Marui (OIOI) Ueno

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@cosme Marui (OIOI) Ueno store is the 3rd largest @cosme store in Tokyo, located on the B1st floor of the Marui Ueno building.  It takes only a 1-minute walk from JR Ueno Station to get to Marui Ueno.

A lot of accommodations and hotels are very popular with foreign tourists around the Ueno area. Hence, if you need something, not only cosmetic items but also shampoo, body soap, and facewash, @cosme Marui Ueno store will be a great help to get nice and cheap Japanese products. You can also enjoy Izakaya hopping at the Ameyoko Street market after shopping!

4. @cosme Lumine Ikebukuro

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@cosme Lumine Ikebukuro store is the first @cosme store that started handling foreign cosmetic brands, such as TOO FACED, which is a famous brand from California and arrived in Japan in 2019.

The store is designed simply and has a calm atmosphere compared to other stores like @cosme Tokyo store. As more middle-aged people are expected to visit the Ikebukuro area than the Harajuku area, @cosme Lumine Ikebukuro store handles a lot of cosmetic products for the generation, such as Albion and Sekkisei.

5. @cosme Lumine Yurakucho

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@cosme Lumine Yurakucho store is located on the 7th floor of the Lumine Yurakucho building. The Yurakucho area is one of the main business towns in Tokyo. A lot of big companies, regardless of domestic and international, have their headquaters in the Yurakucho area. Hence, many people, specifically those who are late 20s to 40s, visit the Lumine Yurakucho for shopping.

@cosme Yurakucho opens until 21:00 for office workers who are sometimes too busy with their jobs to go shopping during weekdays, so they can enjoy shopping even after work. If you work in the Yurakucho area, this shop is the best spot to do efficient shopping in your busy life.

6. @come Sunshine City Ikebukuro

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@cosme Sunshine City Ikebukuro store is located on the B1st floor of the Sunshine City Alpa.

Sunshine City Ikebukuro is a very popular entertainment spot that is composed of an office building, a hotel, a commercial complex, and an exhibition center. It also includes an aquarium, planetarium, shopping center, and food and amusement park, so it’s popular for kids and families as well.

To meet customer diversity, @cosme Sunshine City Ikebukuro store has multiple options from cheap brands to luxury brands, such as Visee and COSME DCOURTÉ.

7. @cosme NEWoMan Yokohama

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@cosme NEWoMan Yokohama sore is the first branch of @cosme store in Yokohama, established in 2020. It is composed of 2 floors, the first floor is where people can color themselves and the second floor is where people can be as they are.

According to these concepts, the shopping area is divided into luxury, casual, and natural zones so customers can pick up where they want to pick up items depending on their preferences. The shop also handles Laura Mercier and NARS for the first time for @cosme stores. Of course, you can touch them up by using a counseling service by a beauty assistant.

8. @cosme Marui Family Mizonokuchi

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@cosme Marui Family Mizonokuchi store is located on the 5th floor of the Marui Family Mizonokuchi building.

The Mizonokuchi area is one of the busiest spots as a connecting point between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture. A lot of people use Mizonokuchi Station to change trains during a commuting rush hour.

Whereas Marui Family Mizonokuchi doesn’t have cosmetic shops as many as other big shopping malls, @cosme Marui Family Mizonokuchi store encompasses a variety of cosmetic brands, such as Korean brands, trending items, and luxury brands.

Thank you for reading until the end!

I personally recommend @cosme Tokyo very much. Whenever I go to the Harajuku area, I go by and look around the shop. I always enjoy shopping there even if it ends up just window shopping. Looking at various cosmetic items makes me so excited and brings me a happy mood. However, just be careful not to buy too much!!

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