Best @cosme Stores in Osaka and Kansai

List of @cosme Stores in Osaka and Kansai

@cosme Store is one of the hottest shopping spots in Japan! @cosme is an online shopping site focusing on cosmetic items, including skincare products, hair care products, and men’s cosmetic items. @cosme Stores is a physical shop of @cosme where numerous items are available; from cheap brands to expensive brands, as well as domestic and international brands.  Most of the stores have a counseling corner where you can consult with a beauty expert and try your favorite product. Due to its various line-ups, @cosme stores are getting mandatory spots to visit when you enjoy shopping.

Let’s have a look at the best @cosme Stores in Osaka and Kansai area.

@cosme Osaka

@cosme osaka
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@cosme Osaka store is the 2nd flagship store of @cosme stores in Japan, following with @cosme Tokyo store. It’s directly connected to JR Osaka Station and located on the 3rd floor of LUCUA 1100. LUCUA Osaka is composed of 2 buildings, LUCUA Osaka and LUCUA 1100. LUCUA 1100 focuses on innovative and diverse fashion, so lots of trending demands are expected from customers, especially young generations.

@cosme Osaka store handles about 12,000 items from 500 cosmetic brands. CHANEL, SUQQU, and Athletia are particularly installed in the shop for the first time for @cosme stores. Various cosmetic items from domestic brands to international ones are available to try on for free. In the next trend zone, you can catch up with the latest items earlier, such as limited items, pre-sell items, and brands that have not yet arrived in Japan. Cosme Sample Stand is a vending machine where you can get a free cosmetic sample once a day through the @cosme app.


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@cosme TSUTAYA Ebisubashi store was the first branch of @cosme stores in the Kansai area, located on the 3rd floor of TSUTAYA Ebisubashi store building. TSUTAYA Ebisubashi store has the biggest scale of TSUTAYA shops in the Kanasai area and is known as a symbolic landmark of the Ebisubashi area.

In addition to books, lifestyle goods, CDs and DVDs, as Starbucks Coffee is located on the 1st and 2nd floors, people can enjoy shopping in various categories and having coffee at the same time. Moreover, the building is located at the center of the Dotonbori area, so it’s easy and accessible to explore the Dotonbori area, such as the sign of Griko and the main store of Kanidoraku.

@cosme Kobe Marui

Kobe Marui
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@cosme Kobe Marui Store is located on the 2nd floor of Kobe Marui building. Kobe Marui was established in 2003 as the first branch of the Marui department in the Kansai area. Due to the location, a lot of customers come from western prefectures, such as Tokushima Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture.

As a variety of fashion brand shops are installed in Kobe Marui, numerous trending people come to enjoy shopping, particularly to find a specific fashion style in the Kobe area, called “Kobe celebrity casual”. Celebrity casual was born as a word to express fashion inspired by foreign artists and Hollywood actors and actresses. After you pick up your favorite cosmetic items, now you can go on a journey to find the hottest fashion in Kobe.

@cosme Temmabashi Keihan City Mall

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@cosme Tmemabashi Keihan City Mall is located on the 1st floor of the Temmabashi Keihan City Mall building. Keihan City Mall is a popular commercial complex for local families. If you have kids and don’t have enough time to go shopping for yourself, this place could be the best for both you and your kids.

Compared to other individual brand stores in department stores, the @ocme store is easier and more friendly to come in, especially when you’re with kids. Moreover, there are some beauty experts so you can ask them to help find the best cosmetic item for you. After shopping, playing at the rooftop park could be great for your kids as well.

@cosme Namba Walk

Namba Walk
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@cosme Namba Walk store is the newest @cosme branch in the Kansai area, opened in 2023. Namba Walk is an underground shopping street, directly connected to Namba Station and Nihonbashi Station and lasts for 715m. Namba Walk is divided into 3 zones, the first town, the second town, and the third town. There are about 200 shops in Namba Walk including apparel brands, cafes, and restaurants. The 5 parks such as Kujira Park and Forest Park are symbolic gathering places where seasonal events are held.

@cosme Namba Walk store has more than 5,000 items from 350 brands to meet customers’ needs regardless of generation. There is a huge touch-up and counseling space so the shop staff can suggest the best product to a customer individually.

@cosme Nagoya Gate Tower Mall

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Although Nagoya is not included in the Kansai area, it’s very close to the area and popular as a shopping spot. So let me introduce @cosme Nagoya Gate Tower Mall store to this list as well.

@cosme Nagoya Gate Tower Mall store is the first @cosme shop in Nagoya. Nagoya is an important transit point for people from the Tokai area, such as Mie Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture, as Nagoya connects to Tokyo and Osaka faster and easier. Moreover, so many people from the Tokai area often go shopping in Nagoya to enjoy its diverse trending styles.

@cosme Nagoya Gate Tower Mall store can’t be missed if you want to travel around the Tokai area, because this is the only branch in the Tokai area. You should collect mandatory items such as facewash and skincare stuff in Nagoya as other cities are not as convenient as Nagoya.  Be ready for your journey!

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