Best Japanese Face Washes for Sensitive Skin

Must-Buy Japanese Drugstore Face Washes for Sensitive Skin

There are hundreds of face wash products available on the market in Japan, which are designed for various skin types and concerns including dry, oily, acne-prone and anti-aging.

It seems easy for every skin type to pick the right face wash since a wide range of products are sold in shops, but if you have sensitive skin, you have to be really careful when choosing face washes. Because using a wrong product can make your skin feel even worse and might cause irritation or dehydration.

For your sensitive skin, you may need to find products with well-balanced formula that cleanse off the skin impurities thoroughly, but does not strip natural moisture and oil of the skin.

Some of Japanese face washes are specially designed for sensitive skin with gentle and low-irritation formula which you can use without worrying and they may even help to improve your skin condition.

Today, I am sharing the list of Japanese face washes for sensitive skin including dry and acne-prone types. These Japanese face washes are sold widely at drugstores across the country as well as online including global shipping!

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1. MINON Amino Moist Gentle Wash Whip*m-JEFPBBcJZDomI3.png

MINON Amino Moist is a Japanese skin care brand developed for sensitive skin. The brand offers a wide range of low irritant, gentle formula skin care products which contains 9 types of moisture-retaining amino acids to supports the barrier function of the skin.

MINON Amino Moist Gentle Wash Whip (ミノン アミノモイスト ジェントルウォッシュ ホイップ) is a foam type face wash which contains plant-derived amino acid cleansing ingredients. The fluffy foam gently wraps the skin and removes dirt while keeping the skin’s natural moisture. This hypoallergenic face wash is free of alcohol, paraben, colorant, fragrance and UV absorber, and tested for allergy.

Price: 1,650 yen (150ml)【Buy it Now】

2. Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash
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Curel is a popular Japanese skin care brand for dry and sensitive skin. The brand offers skin care and body care products formulated with moisture-retaining ceramide which helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier function and to archive healthy and beautiful skin.

Curel Intensive Moisture Care Foaming Wash (キュレル 潤浸保湿 泡洗顔料) cleanses impurities thoroughly while protecting natural ceramide of the skin, and leaves the skin soft and supple after wash. This hypoallergenic face wash is fragrance-, colorant-, alcohol-free and patch tested. A refill pack is also available.

If you have sensitive skin with sebum trouble such as clogged pores and acne, I recommend to choose the foaming facial wash from their Sebum Care Series which prevents pores from clogging and helps to reduce acne occurrence.

Price: Foaming Wash 1,320 yen (150ml)【Shop Now】/ Sebum Care Foaming Wash 1,320 yen (150ml)【Shop Now】

3. Cow Brand Mutenka Moisturizing Face Wash

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Cow Brand is a Japanese soap company with over 100 years history. The company produces a range of skin care and body care products including additive-free, low-irritant formula facial cleansers from Mutenka Face Care series.

Cow Brand Mutenka Foaming Face Wash (カウブランド 無添加泡の洗顔料) is a self-foaming bottle type facial wash formulated with plant-derived amino acid cleansing ingredients which removes sebum and impurities gently without putting burden on your skin. It also contains natural ceramide to keep dry, sensitive skin smooth and moisturized. The gentle formula, additive-free face wash is skin allergy tested. A tube type Moisturizing Face Wash is also available.

Price: Foaming Face Wash 680 yen (200ml)【Buy it Now】/Moisturizing Face Wash 550 yen (110g)【Buy it Now】

4. Rosette No-Additive Face Wash

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Rosetta is a long-established cosmetics company, who notably launched Japan’s first cream facial cleanser in 1929. Since then the company has developed and produced a wide range of skin care products mainly facial cleansers.

Rosette No-Additive Face Wash (無添加石けん洗顔フォーム) is a gentle formula facial wash which is free of mineral oil, colorant, fragrance, petroleum surfactant agent and silicone, and contains 100% plant derived cleansing ingredients. The fine and creamy foam gently removes dirt and excess sebum from pores for smooth and fresh skin while leaving necessary moisture for the skin. The product is patch tested. Besides the regular type, Aloe type and Rice Bran type are also available.

Price: 437 yen (140g)【Shop Now】

5. muo Foaming Face Wash

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muo is an additive-free skin care brand by Kracie, ranging a variety of inexpensive face and body wash products made with carefully selected ingredients. MUO’s skin care products are free of colorant, fragrance, preservative, mineral oil, stabilizer, alcohol, silicone and sulfate, and patch tested for allergy and sensitive skin.

muo Foaming Face Wash (muo 泡の洗顔料) is a self-foaming facial wash which contains 80% moisturizing ingredients such as glycerine and essential oils. It’s formulated with mild cleansing ingredients which removes dirt and protects skin’s moisture. The tube type Cream Face Wash is also available.

Price: Foaming Face Wash 550 yen (200ml) 【Shop Now】/Cream Face Wash 550 yen (120g) 【Shop Now】

6. d program Essence In Cleansing Foam

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d program is one of Shiseido’s skin care lines designed specially for sensitive skin based on the company’s 50 years of sensitive skin research. All products are hypoallergenic, made with selected ingredients and free of colorant, fragrance, paraben and alcohol.

d program Essence in Cleansing Foam (d program エッセンスイン クレンジングフォーム) is a medicated low-irritant face wash. The creamy cushion-like foam gently wraps the skin and removes impurities while protecting the skin moisture and preventing skin roughness and acne. It contains beauty ingredients that leave the skin smooth and moisturized without tight or dry feeling.

Price: 2,090 yen (120g)【Check the Product】

7. freeplus Mild Moisture Soap

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freeplus is a low-irritant skin care brand by Kanebo, specially designed for sensitive skin. The brand features Low-pH skin care products free of colorant, fragrance, paraben, alcohol, UV absorber and mineral oil, and formulated with Japanese plant ingredients that support skin’s barrier function.

freeplus Mild Moisture Soap (フリープラス マイルドモイスチャーフォーム) is a foaming type facial wash, providing micro dense foam which envelopes the skin gently and cleanses away dirt and impurities while protecting skin moisture. It contains amino acid cleansing agent and moisturizing ingredients. The brand also offers a cream type facial wash, freeplus Mild Soap.

Price: Mild Moisture Soap 2,300 yen (200ml)【Shop Now】/Mild Soap 1,800 yen (100g)【Shop Now】

Thanks for reading! I hope this article could help you out with finding a perfect face wash for your sensitive skin! The listed products are commonly sold at drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops in Japan, and some of products are also available to shop online with international shipping! So if you ever had problems using regular face washes, how about trying out some of these products??

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