Best Japanese Cleansing Oils

Must-Buy Oil Cleansers at Japanese Drugstores

Oil based makeup removers are essential skin care product to remove stubborn makeup such as waterproof mascara and long-lasting lipsticks. Cleansing oil is very common makeup remover among Japanese users and you can find various products on the market at wide price range.

Cleansing oil usually offers a great cleansing ability, which sometimes cause dry skin or clogged pores so it’s important to choose good quality products which suites your skin.

In this article, I’d like to introduce some of top-selling Japanese cleansing oils that offer a high cleansing ability and a great skin care effect at once. With these products, you can remove stubborn makeup effortlessly, and also achieve the smooth and hydrated skin.

So let’s check out the best Japanese cleansing oil that you can buy at drugstores or online!

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1. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

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DHC is a Japanese beauty and health care brand providing cosmetics and health supplements products. The brand has produced several iconic beauty products of all time including Deep Cleansing Oil, the brand’s cult-favourite skin care product.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (DHC ディープクレンジングオイル) is formulated with a variety of skin conditioning ingredients including precious olive oil extract from carefully handpicked organic olives in Spain. The cleansing oil removes makeup and dissolves impurities effortlessly without leaving the necessary natural hydrating ingredients for the skin in order to achieve the smooth and bright skin. It’s free of fragrance, colourant and paraben, and can be used over eyelash extension.

Price: 1,486 yen (120ml)/2,477 yen (200ml)【Buy it Now】

2. FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil

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FANCL is a Japanese cosmetics brand offering preservative-free cosmetics products and supplements. The skin care products of FANCL are made with carefully selected safe ingredients and recommended even for sensitive skin.

FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil (マイルドクレンジング オイル) is one of top-selling Japanese skin care products in the history, winning multiple beauty awards over the decade including @cosme Hall of Fame award, the most honorable cosmetics award in Asia.

The product offers high cleansing ability and moisturization at the same time. It removes stubborn makeup and dissolves pore-clogging dirt and oil, but doesn’t take the necessary moisture away from the skin to prevent fine wrinkles caused by dryness. It can be used with wet hands, and also for eyelash extension. It’s preservative free and formulated with carefully selected safe ingredients which is recommended for sensitive skin.

Price: 1,078 yen (60ml)/1,870 yen (120ml)【Buy it Now】

3. Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil

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Shu Uemura is a high-end cosmetics brand by the legendary Japanese makeup artist, Shu Uemura. Their cutting-edge and high quality beauty products are beloved across the world including professional makeup artists.

Shu Uemura Ultime8∞ Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil (アルティム8∞ スブリム ビューティ クレンジング オイル) is one of the top-selling products by the brand. The product won multiple beauty awards including the second place for the best cleanser on @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards last year.

The cashmere-like texture cleansing oil is infused with 8 botanical oils and selected skin care ingredients. It removes makeup effortlessly, and also leads the smooth and rejuvenated skin. Many users say their skin feels better every time they use the product. It can be used on wet hands and over eyelash extension.

Price: 1,760 yen (50ml)/5,060 yen (150ml)/12,650 yen (450ml) 【Buy it Now】

4. Softymo Cleansing Oil

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Softymo is one of the most popular cleanser brands in Japan, offering a wide variety of effective and affordable face washes and makeup removers, and the line up includes cleansing oil, cream, gel, foam and sheet.

The Sofymo Cleansing Oil series (ソフティモクレンジングオイル) offers the most effective and strong cleansing power that can remove stubborn makeup such as waterproof mascara effortlessly. The oil contains 5 kinds of organic beauty ingredients and leaves the skin moisturized and smooth after use.

There are three types of Softymo Cleansing Oil available on the market today: Speedy Cleansing Oil which can be used with wet hands, Deep Cleansing Oil for clearing pores and White Cleansing Oil for removing dead skin cells to achieve brighter skin.

Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil 748 yen (230ml) 【Buy it Now】
Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil 748 yen (230ml) 【Buy it Now】
Softymo White Cleansing Oil 748 yen (230ml) 【Buy it Now】

5. Biore Makeup Remover Perfect Oil
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Biore is one of the most popular Japanese cosmetics brands worldwide, producing a wide range of affordable and high-quality skin care products including face wash, cleansers and sunscreens, which are highly popular both in Japan and overseas.

Biore Makeup Remover Perfect Oil (花王 ビオレ メイク落とし パーフェクトオイル) is one of brand’s top-sellers, a cleansing oil that quickly removes stubborn makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and lifts away dirt and impurities. While many cleansing oil should not be mixed with water because they emulsify and do not bring their best cleansing performance, this one can be used on wet hands and still maintains the best effect. It does not leave a greasy feeling and maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Price: 1,100 yen (230ml) 【Buy it Now】

6. Nivea Cleansing Oil Beauty Skin
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Nivea is a skin care brand that is loved and trusted all over the world since 1911, and their products are highly popular here in Japan, too. You can find a wide range of original skin care products by Nivea Japan, which are effective, high-quality and affordable.

Nivea Cleansing Oil Beauty Skin (ニベア クレンジングオイル ビューティースキン) is a makeup remover that has a great effect of both makeup removal and moisture retention. It instantly removes stubborn makeup including waterproof eyebrows, mascara and eyeliner. The pore and keratin plug clearing ingredient removes pore dirt without rubbing. It contains 4 types of beauty oil ingredients (argan oil, jojoba oil, rosemary leaf extract and squalane) that retain skin’s moisture and lead to smooth skin with every wash.

Price: 1,430 yen (195ml)【Buy it Now】

7. Cow Brand No Additive Cleansing Oil
Copyright© 2023 牛乳石鹸共進社株式会社

Cow Brand is a Japanese soap company that has over 100 years history and produces a range of skin care and body care products. Cow Brand Mutenka Face Care is Cow Brand’s skin care line with additive-free, low-irritant face skin care products that are recommended even for sensitive skin.

Cow Brand Mutenka Makeup Cleansing Oil (カウブランド 無添加メイク落としオイル) is a non-additive cleansing oil that removes makeup gently without putting extra burden on your skin. It’s free of colour, fragrance, paraben, mineral oil and alcohol. It’s hypoallergenic prescription and made with carefully selected ingredients that cause less irritation to the skin. It contains skin-derived moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid and amino acids which are essential for skin’s natural moisture. It can be used even with wet hands and face.

Price: 968 yen (150ml)/770 yen (refill 130ml) 【Buy it Now】

8. Hada Labo Gokujyun Oil Cleansing

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Hada Labo is a popular drugstore skin care brand in Japan, providing a wide range of moisturizing skin care products including Gokujyun series with Super Hyaluronic Acid infusion.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Oil Cleansing (肌ラボ 極潤 オイルクレンジング) offers a high cleansing ability and a gentle skin care effect. It quickly dissolves makeup including waterproof mascara but leaves the skin soft and smooth without greasy feeling. The oil contains high purity olive oil and Super Hyaluronic Acid which intensively hydrate the skin. It’s low irritation formula and free of fragrances, alcohol and colourant.

Price: 894 yen (200ml)【Buy it Now】

9. Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil

Copyright 2000–2020 ATTENIR CORPORATION

Attenir is a Japanese cosmetics brand founded with the brand concept of “High-Quality and Low Price”. The brand has been producing luxury quality beauty products at affordable price since 1989.

Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil (アテニア スキンクリア クレンズ オイル) is a trending Japanese skin care product today and the winner of the latest @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards cleanser category.

The product has the Speedy Melting Formula that lefts away makeup easily including waterproof mascara, and removes dead skin cells. The rich-texture oil contains 5 luxurious beauty oils that leave the skin smooth and moisturized and also help to achieve brighter skin complexion by removing hyperpigmentation to cause skin dullness. The gentle formula oil is paraben and alcohol-free and tester for allergy and non-comedogenic. It can be used on wet hands and over eyelash extension, and does not require double cleansing.

Price: 1,870 yen (175ml)【Buy it Now】

10. MUJI Mild Oil Cleansing

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MUJI is a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of products including household, furniture, apparel, stationery, food and cosmetics. MUJI’s High-quality, stylish and affordable products are popular across the world, and has over 1,000 branches in Japan and overseas.

Cosmetics is one of the most popular product lines by MUJI and various beauty products are available. MUJI Mild Oil Cleansing (無印良品 マイルドオイルクレンジング) is a top-selling item from their skin care line. The product offers an amazing cleansing ability which quickly dissolves and removes makeup. It contains olive oil and jojoba oil which moisturizes the skin.

This cleansing oil is free of fragrance, colouration, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol, but there is also a gentle formula version for sensitive skin which is made with 100% plant based oil, paraben-free and allergy tested.

Price: 750 yen (200ml)/1,190 yen (400ml)【Buy it Now】

Thanks for reading! Listed products can be easily found at drugstores, variety stores and cosmetics shops in Japan, and also you can purchase some of them from abroad! Check the online beauty store Kokoro offering a wide range of Japanese beauty products with worldwide shipping. Visit their website (Kokoro: to check more Japanese cosmetics products! Free shipping is available when you spend over 40 USD 🙂

Various cleansers and face washes are available in Japan depending on your purpose and skin type! I have previously introduced some of popular Japanese face wash and cleansers in other articles, so please check them out if you are interested 😉

If you would like to check out more Japanese beauty products in different categories, please check out these articles, too!

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