Best Waterproof Mascaras in Japan

Must-Buy Waterproof Mascara in Japan for Long-Lasting & Smudge-Free

Mascara is an essential item for daily makeup, but do you use the same product through the year?? Here in Japan, the weather in summer and winter is completely different, and many people switch their makeup items according to seasons. Japanese summer is hot and humid, so sweat-proof and long-lasting are key features for makeup products during the season. Not only for summer, but waterproof mascara is an amazing cosmetics product for swimming, playing sports or at the gym if you want to keep your flawless during activities!

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I have previously introduced the best-selling Japanese mascaras, but in this article, I’d like to share the list of the best waterproof mascaras in Japan which are long-lasting, smudge-free, sweat-proof and help to keep your eyelashes curled all day. These products are perfect option for summer, beach and steamy weather!

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1. Heroine Make Kiss Me Super Waterproof Mascara

Heroine Make Kiss Me Long and Curl Mascara

Heroine Make Mascara (ヒロインメイク マスカラ) is one of the most popular drugstore cosmetics products in Japan over the past decade, which is high quality but sold at remarkably affordable price. The product offers great effects for waterproof, smudge-free and curl which last all day.

The brand offers two types of mascara: Long and Curl version comes with a curl brush and contains 5mm long-fiber which add eyelashes an extra length and long-lasting curl. Volume and Curl version comes with a straight brush that catches every lash and provides a dynamic volume.

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2. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long Mascara

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long Mascara

Majolica Majorca is a cosmetics brand by Shiseido, which main target is people in their teen to 20s. The brand offers trendy, quality and affordable makeup products. One of the top-selling items by Majolica Majorca is mascara, which is available with several varieties and effects.

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long Mascara (マジョリカマジョルカ ラッシュエキスパンダー ロングロングロング) is currently the brand’s longest-lasting mascara which resists water, sweat, sebum, and tears. Also it gives an amazing lengthening effect which makes lashes longer and more volumized but keep the natural look.

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3. FASIO Powerful Curl Mascara EX Volume

Fasio Powerful Curl Volume Mascara

FASIO is a makeup brand by KOSE, which offering a wide range of cosmetics products specially designed for functional and long-lasting. The products are pretty affordable and widely sold at drugstores across the country.

FASIO Powerful Curl Mascara EX Volume (ファシオ パワフルカールマスカラ EX ボリューム) is a long-lasting and volumizing mascara which is waterproof, sebum-proof and smudge-free. The longevity of the product is pretty impressive which could resist to situations like swimming, sports, sweating, crying, etc, but you may need a special mascara remover for this at the end of the day!

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4. SANA Power Style Mascara Super Waterproof

Power Style Mascara Super Waterproof Curl and Separate Strong Black

SANA Power Style Mascara (サナ パワースタイルマスカラ) is one of the best value drugstore cosmetics product in Japan. This super waterproof mascara is specially developed for high durability against water.

The product comes with a slim brush that allows you to catch every single lash and keep them separated and curled up from the roots. The fast-drying formula quickly coats eyelashes and fixes the curl that lasts all day even after swimming or playing sports. Again, I recommend you to use a proper cleanser for removing it.

5. KATE The Lash Former Waterproof Mascara

Kate The Lash Former Long Type Waterproof Mascara Black

KATE is a makeup brand by Kanebo, one of the leading cosmetics companies in Japan. KATE’s products are widely sold in drugstores and variety stores in Japan, and its affordable and trend-setting products are popular especially among young generation.

KATE The Lash Former (ケイト ラッシュフォーマー) is one of the brand’s top selling makeup product, a curve-memorizing formula mascara that adds lashes natural length and volume, and keeps eyelashes curled all day (FILM type and Waterproof type available). The Waterproof type is resistant to water, sebum and sweat, and Long type and Volume type are available. For even longer lasting, and to add more length and volume, I’d also recommend to use the KATE Lash Maximizer, a waterproof mascara base before applying The Lash Former mascara.

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Shop Now ▶ KATE The Lash Former Volume Type
Shop Now ▶ KATE Lash Maximizer

6. D-Up Mascara

D-Up Perfect Extension Mascara

D-UP is a Japanese cosmetics company that focuses on eye makeup and professional nail products. Their mascara, eyeliner and eyelashes are sold at affordable price at local drugstores across Japan and have been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years because of the quality and value.

Currently, the brand offers 5 types of D-UP Mascara (ディーアップ マスカラ): Perfect Extension for long separate eyelashes (red), Perfect Extension for CURL for natural curl (light green), Volume Extension for rich volume (yellow), Ultra Fiber for extra length (purple) and Curl Keeper for instant curl-lock (blue). The mascara perfectly coats every lash without creating flakes or clumps, and keeps eyelashes curled up and smudge-free all day.

Shop Now ▶ D-UP Perfect Extension Mascara
Shop Now ▶ D-UP Volume Extension Mascara
Shop Now ▶ D-UP Ultra Fiber Mascara
Shop Now ▶ D-UP Curl Keeper Mascara

7. CEZANNE Airy Curl Mascara

Cezanne Airy Curler Mascara Black

CEZANNE is a popular drugstore makeup brand in Japan, known for their high-quality and affordable cosmetics products which usually cost under 1,000 yen. The brand offers a wide range of makeup products including several award-winners.

CEZANNE Airy Curl Mascara (セザンヌ エアリーカールマスカラ) is one of the brand’s top-selling items, a waterproof mascara resisting water, sebum and sweat. The mascara contains 4mm long light fibers which give a great lengthening effect and lift eyelashes up. It’s a tubing type mascara and can be removed easily with warm water.

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These waterproof mascaras offer a great longevity and smudge-proof, however, some of products might be hard to take off by regular makeup removers or face wash. So I’d also recommend you to use good makeup removers that can remove stubborn waterproof makeup effortlessly without tugging eyelashes or rubbing off around eyes. You can check some of products here 🙂

Listed waterproof mascaras are widely available at drugstores, variety stores and cosmetics shops in Japan, but you can also purchase some of them from abroad! Check an online store Kokoro offering a wide range of Japanese beauty products with worldwide shipping. Visit their website (Kokoro: to check more Japanese cosmetics products! Free shipping is available when you spend over 40 USD 🙂

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