Body and Hair Care Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2020 Mid-Year

Best Special Skin Care Products to Buy in Japan 2020

The latest Japanese cosmetics rankings, the Best Cosmetics Awards 2020 Mid-Year has just been announced! The awards are hosted by @cosme, one of the most influential online beauty and cosmetics site in the world, introducing the latest rankings of cosmetics products in Japan by category based on reviews from real users. This time, they have revealed the rankings of the best beauty products which have been released in 2020 so far.

Previously, I have introduced the skin care, base makeup and point makeup categories on the Best Cosmetics Awards 2020 Mid-Year.
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In this article, I’m going to share the latest rankings of new special skin care products including body care, deodorant, hair care products and useful beauty tools. Let’s check out the most trending must-buy beauty products in Japan in 2020!
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Best Body Care

1st place: HOUSE OF ROSE Body Smoother Green Lemon (1,500 yen)

2nd place: AYURA AROMA HAND (1,800 yen)

3rd place: MAIHADA HADAJUN Hand Treatment (900 yen)

Best Deodorant

1st place: Deonatulle Medicated Soft Stone W (900 yen)

2nd place: Bioré Z Silky Skin Body Gel (Open Price)

3rd place: Deonatulle Medicated Soft Stone for Feet (850 yen)

Best Nails

1st place: noiro Nail Color (1,500 yen)

2nd place: NAIL HOLIC Aurora Glitter (360 yen)

Best Perfume

1st place: DIOR MISS DIOR ROSE N’ROSES (9,000 yen)

2nd place: Maison Margiela Fragrances REPLICA Coffee Break Eau de Toilette (3,500 yen)


Best Shampoo & Conditioner

1st place: &honey Melty Moist Repair Shampoo 1.0/Hair Treatment 2.0 (1,400 yen)

2nd place: Je l’aime AMINO SUPREME Shampoo/Treatment VELVET MELLOW (1,200 yen)

3rd place: ICHIKAMI Premium Hair Treatment Mask (Open Price)

Best Beauty Tools & Accessories

1st place: Dolly Wink EASY LASH (500 yen)


3rd place: ROSY ROSA Airy Touch Puff Round Type (500 yen)

Best Health & Beauty

1st place: SOFINA iP Chlorogenic Acid Drink EX (10 pc 3,800 yen)

2nd place: The Collagen Drink (250 yen)

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2020 can be found at the @cosme website! →

This cosmetics rankings are truly reliable since it’s based on real cosmetics users’ responses! I believe that listed cosmetics products are great quality and value for money! Some of products are also available to shop in abroad or global shopping sites. You can check the link below to see if your favourite Japanese beauty products are available 🙂

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