Best Japanese Powder Sunscreens 2021

Must-Buy Powder Sunscreens in Japan

Sunscreen is one of the most popular categories of Japanese skin care products, and Japanese sunscreens are known for being high-quality, effective and great value for money. There are various types of Japanese sunscreens available in shops such as cream, gel, lotion, stick, spray, long-lasting, gentle-formula and more. You can pick a right sunscreen from a wide selection depending on your skin type or situation.

The type of sunscreens that I highly recommend for daily use is powder. Ideally, sunscreen should be re-applied every 2–3 hours, but regular lotion sunscreens might be heavy to carry around and too sticky to apply over and over. On the other hand, powder sunscreens are compact to carry and easy to apply without your hands getting greasy. They provide a mattifying effect and keep your skin smooth and comfortable. Some of powder sunscreens also offer light coverage and even out skin complexion.

Powder sunscreens may not be your primary sunscreen, but they are great products to be used for re-application or touch-up. I’d highly recommend to have one in your makeup bag and suggest you to substitute powder sunscreen with loose powder during summer or outdoor activities.

Powder sunscreens have been becoming more and more popular in Japan these days, and many products are now available by various cosmetics brands. In this article, I’d like to introduce some of the best Japanese powder sunscreens. So let’s take a look!

1. Privacy UV Face Powder 50

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Privacy UV Face Powder 50 (プライバシー UVフェイスパウダー50) is a powder sunscreen with powerful UV protection yet gentle formula that can be used safely for sensitive skin. The translucent powder can be applied over makeup and do not make your skin too powdery nor white. It features sebum absorbing powder to prevent oily skin and makeup smudging. It contains beautifying ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C derivative. You can also apply in on body.

SPF/PA: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 1,320 yen 【Shop Online】

2. CEZANNE UV Clear Face Powder

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CEZANNE UV Clear Face Powder (セザンヌ UVクリアフェイスパウダー) is one of the top-selling drugstore cosmetics products in Japan today. This The light and silky pressed powder with SPF provides the bright and clear look while protecting the skin from UV damage. It features “Clear Veil Powder” and “Skin Dullness Correcting Powder” that makes your skin look smooth and bright. It also absorbs excess sebum. It contains 12 types of beauty serum ingredients to nourish the skin. Available with 4 colours: Light Beige/Light/Natural/Lavender.

SPF/PA: SPF 28/PA+++

Price: 748 yen【Shop Online】



TRANSINO UV Powder (トランシーノ 薬用UVパウダー) is a medicated UV powder with powerful sun protection and great lobgevity. With a single application, it corrects uneven skin tone and promotes smooth and clear skin. It’s waterproof formula and durable to water and sweat. It’s blended with beautifying powder that provides luminous, glossy finish and helps makeup to stay longer. It contains skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients. In addition, it protect the skin with UV rays and PM2.5.

SPF/PA: SPF 50/PA++++

Price: 3,300 yen【Shop Online】

4. ORBIS Sunscreen Powder

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ORBIS Sunscreen Powder (オルビス サンスクリーン(R) パウダー) is a powder type sunscreen with ultimate UV protection and water proof effect. It features Sebum Clear Powder that absorbs sebum and keeps the skin smooth and shine-free. It’s water-, sweat- and sebum-proof and suitable for both daily and leisure use. While providing strong UV protection, the lightweight powder provides natural coverage and won’t look cakey when you retouch over makeup. It’s unscented and allergy tested which is suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin. Available with 2 shades: Natural and Lucent.

SPF/PA: SPF50+/PA++++

Price: 1,782 yen (refill), 737 yen (case), 330 (puff)【Shop Online】

5. Parasola Illumi Skin Face Powder UV

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Parasola Illumi Skin Face Powder UV (パラソーラ イルミスキン フェイスパウダー UV) is a sunscreen face powder with light lavender colour. It features a colour-correcting effect which brightens up the skin complexion and gives poreless, semi-matte finish while protecting the skin from UV rays. It’s also resistant to water, sweat and sebum and keeps the skin smooth and non-sticky. It contains 10 kinds of skin care ingredients which moisturize the skin and improve the skin transparency.

SPF/PA: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 1,430 yen (11g)【Shop Online】

6. Clear Last Face Powder High Cover N Cool UV


Clear Last Face Powder High Cover N Cool UV (クリアラスト フェイスパウダー ハイカバー N クールUV) is a multi-function tinted face powder that acts as foundation, concealer, face powder and sunscreen. It provides a cooling effect and tightens up pores while protecting the skin from UV damage. It contains illuminate powder and crystal powder that promote bright and clear skin. It corrects uneven skin tone, fix the skin complexion and redness, and absorbs sweat and excess sebum causing oily skin. It’s gentle formula and contains several moisturizing ingredients. Available with two shades: Light Ocher and Natural Ocher.

SPF/PA: SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: 1,650 yen (11g)

Thanks for reading! Which powder sunscreens do you want to try? If you are into Japanese sunscreens, I have more articles introducing the latest & top-selling sunscreen products with different variations, so please check them out!

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