Best Japanese Sunscreens Under Makeup

Best Japanese Face Sunscreens to Wear Under Makeup

Sunscreens should be worn everyday to protect our skin from daily UV exposure all year around, but do you find them heavy or greasy on your face? Or do they make your makeup patchy or smudged??

 Finding powerful sunscreens is easy nowadays, but when it comes to face sunscreens, you may need to pick carefully the one that you can wear comfortably everyday especially under makeup.

There are a wide variety of sunscreens in Japan for different purposes, and some of them are specially designed to be worn under makeup. Those face sunscreen can be used as a makeup primer and keep your skin smooth without sticky feeling. They also provide light coverage and help your foundation to apply better and sit longer.

In this article, I’m sharing the list of the best Japanese sunscreens to wear under makeup, which keep your skin smooth and beautiful while protecting it from UV rays. So let’s check them out!

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1. Biore UV Face Milk

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Biore UV Face Milk (ビオレ UV さらさらフェイスミルク) is a face sunscreen with a long lasting UV protection and super-waterproof effect. It can be used as makeup primer and helps makeup and keeps the skin smooth and matte throughout the day.

The lightweight and silky textured sunscreen milk is formulated with sebum-absorbing powder which suppresses excess sebum and prevents makeup from smudging. It features the new “Smooth Water Repellent Veil” which is highly resistant to water and sweat. It contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin as moisturizing ingredients. It’s suitable for all skin type to use under hot and humid weather, but specially recommended if you have oily skin.


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2. ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk

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ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk (エリクシール ルフレ バランシング おしろいミルク) is a daytime skin care milk with setting powder and powerful sun protection. It covers excess sebum and visible pores and promotes smooth and clear skin while protecting against UV rays.

The lightweight, watery milk can blend into the skin smoothly and conditions the sebum and moisture balance of the skin. It acts as a face powder and keeps the skin non-sticky and matte. It also helps foundation to stay longer. It has high UV protection rates (SPF 50+/PA++++) to protect the skin from aging and dryness.

Besides the regular formula, the tinted version with higher coverage (ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk C) is also available. It can be used as a foundation as it also covers skin dullness and uneven tone naturally.

SPF 50/PA++++

Price: 1,980 yen (35g)

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▷ ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk
▷ ELIXIR REFLET Balancing Oshiroi Milk C

3. ALLIE Nuance Change UV Gel

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ALLIE is one of the most popular Japanese sunscreen brands, known for its powerful sun protection and longevity developed by Kanebo’s advanced technology. ALLIE Nuance Change UV Gel (アリィー ニュアンスチェンジUV ジェル) is a lightly tinted sunscreen gel that naturally tones up the skin complexion while protecting the skin from UV rays and dryness. It’s available with 2 types: Bright White (light green shade) for bright, translucent skin and Rose Chaire (light pink shade) for radiant, healthy-looking skin.

The sunscreen gel contains high-intensity pearl particles that brightens up the skin complexion and gives a shimmer finish. It features the brand’s original “Super Friction Proof Technology” and super waterproof which are highly resistant to water, sweat and rubbing. It contains beauty essence to moisturize the skin.

SPF 50+/PA++++

Price: Open Price

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▷ ALLIE Nuance Change UV Gel Bright White
▷ ALLIE Nuance Change UV Gel Rose Chaire

4. DECORTE Sun Shelter Tone Up CC

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DECORTE Sun Shelter Tone Up CC (コスメデコルテ サンシェルタートーンアップCC) is an award-winning makeup primer that provides skincare effect, promotes beautiful skin and protect the skin from UV damage. It’s available with 3 shades: Light Beige, Beige and Lavender Rose.

This sunscreen makeup primer provides natural coverage for visible pores and uneven skin tone while protecting the skin not only from UV rays but also environmental stress such as dryness and air pollution. The lightweight, emulsion cream spreads on the skin pleasantly, promoting luminous complexion and helps foundation to appear and last better. It also prevent dark spots and freckles caused by sunburn.


Price: 3,000 yen (35g) 【Shop Online】

5. &be UV Milk


&be UV Milk (&be UVミルク) is one of the most trending beauty products in Japan today and it lately won @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards as the best sunscreen. This non-chemical sunscreen protect your skin gently from UV rays as well as promoting the beautiful, luminous skin.

The smooth and moisturized sunscreen milk contains micro pearl particles that reflect lights and provide a bright and shimmer finish. It naturally tones up the complexion and creates the smooth skin. The skin and environment friendly sunscreen milk can be used safely for kids, adults and even sensitive skin. It protects the skin from UV rays and environmental stressors such as pollution, pollen and exhaust gas. It’s blended with various botanical ingredients to prevent skin irritation and dryness. It’s available with 2 shades: White and Beige.


Price: 1,800 yen(40g), 2,800 yen(116g)

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▷ &be UV Milk
▷ &be UV Milk Natural Beige
▷ &be UV Milk (116g)

6. ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Light

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ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Light (オルビス サンスクリーン オンフェイス ライト) is a tinted face sunscreen which can be worn by itself or under makeup. It creates the smooth-looking skin while protecting from daily exposure to UV rays and air pollutants.

The lightweight and fresh sunscreen lotion has beige shade which smoothly adapts to the skin tone and blurs visible pores and uneven skin tone. It’s formulated ultra-light powder which is resistant to water and sweat, so the skin stays smooth and beautiful for long hours. It’s blended with 80% beauty essence to keep the skin hydrated. The gentle formula sunscreen is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin as it’s free of oil, fragrance, colorant and UV absorber, and tested for allergy and non-comedogenic. The moisturizing cream formula, ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen On Face Moist is also available.

SPF 34/PA+++

Price: 960 yen 【Shop Online】


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If your skin gets rough because of pollen or dust, this product might help. d program ALLERBARRIER ESSENCE BB (dプログラム アレルバリア エッセンス BB) is a sunscreen makeup primer which is designed to protect the skin from airborne allergens. It’s available with 2 shades: Light and Medium.

The product features the Allerbarrier Technology NEO which protects the delicate skin from UV rays, dryness and environment stressors such as dust and pollen. It’s also effective for cutting blue light. The tinted, light-texture essence naturally covers redness and dullness of the skin without heavy or cakey feeling. It also helps foundation to stay long up to 12 hours. It’s low-irritation formula and free of paraben, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance.


Price: 2,600 yen (30ml) 【Shop Online】

8. SANA Nameraka Honpo Skin Care UV

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SANA Nameraka Honpo is a top-selling drugstore skin care brand in Japan, offering a wide variety of effective yet affordable skin care products blended with soy isoflavones. The brand produces two types of multi-functional makeup primers that acts as toner, beauty serum, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and makeup base.

SANA Nemeraka Honpo Skin Care UV Base (サナ なめらか本舗 スキンケアUV下地) is a low-irritant and non-chemical makeup primer that contains 82% beauty ingredients including highly moisturizing fermented soy milk essence. It also has skin colour-correcting effect and contains sebum absorbing powder to prevent makeup from smudging.

SANA Nameraka Honpo Medicated White Skin Care UV Base (サナ なめらか本舗 薬用美白スキンケアUV下地) is a skin-brightening makeup primer that contains arbutin (active whitening ingredient) and rough skin prevention ingredients in addition to the brand’s signature fermented soy milk essence. It features a tone-up effect to add clarity to the skin and sebum absorbing powder.


Price: 1,100 yen (50g)【Shop Online: Skin Care/White Skin Care

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you to a perfect face sunscreen to wear under makeup! The listed products are commonly sold at drugstores, cosmetics stores and variety shops in Japan, but some products are also available to shop online with international shipping! So if you are interested in these products, go ahead and try them out!

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