Best Japanese Anti-Aging Sunscreens

Must-Buy Japanese Sunscreens for Anti-Aging

Sunscreen is a key skin care item for preventing skin from aging as UV damage could cause dryness and fine wrinkles and accelerate the production of dark spots and freckles. Using sunscreen daily is a basic step to protect your skin from those effects of skin aging, but there are some great sunscreens that are developed specially to fight against aging signs.

In this article, I would like to introduce some of the best Japanese anti-aging sunscreens for face and body that provides skin care effects to prevent dark spots, freckles and wrinkles caused by sun damage. So let’s check them out!

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1. Sekkisei Miyabi UV Defense AG

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Sekkisei Miyabi UV Defense AG (雪肌精みやび UVディフェンスAG) is a sunscreen emulsion that provides a daytime anti-aging care and powerful UV protection for bright and radiant skin. With a smooth texture, it creates a veil on skin, preventing sun damage that can cause the dark spots and freckles.

It’s formulated with natural beauty ingredients such as butcherbroom extract and Damage Resistant Complex that provide excellent protection against irritation, dryness and other UV-related damage. It also protect the skin against airborne particles (dirt, dust, pollen, etc.), dryness and other environmental factors. It be used as a makeup primer to improve the application and longevity of base makeup. Besides the regular type, a law-irritation formula UV Defense UV AG Mild (SPF30/PA+++) is also available.

2. ELIXIR White Day Care Revolution

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ELIXIR White Day Care Revolution (エリクシール ホワイト デーケアレボリューション) is a skin-brightening and aging-care daytime moisturizer that acts as an emulsion, makeup primer and UV protection. Use it after facial toner in the morning and this time-saving emulsion provides a long-lasting skin care effect and UV protection until evening.

It contains an active brightening ingredient M-tranexamic acid that suppresses the production of melanin, preventing age spots and freckles. It also features One Day Aqua Mask EX that envelopes the skin’s moisture and helps to reduce an appearance of fine lines. Available with 2 types: T (SPF30/PA++++) and T+ (SPF50+/PA++++)

3. NIVEA Deep Protect & Care Gel

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NIVEA Deep Protect & Care Gel (ニベアUV ディープ プロテクト&ケア ジェル) is a sunscreen newly released in 2021 and it won the first prize in new sunscreen category of @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards. The lightweight sunscreen gel spreads smoothly on face and body, and provides skin care effects while protecting from UV rays.

The super-waterproof sunscreen features the 3-dimention UV Film that adheres to the skin evenly and stays on even when contacting with water or sweat. It contains a rich amount of beauty essence that prevents dark spots, freckles and fine wrinkles caused by UV damage and dryness. An essence type is also available which a has serum-like texture and contains light-diffusing powder for smooth looking skin. (SPF50+/PA++++)

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4. DEW Brightening UV Essence

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DEW Brightening UV Essence (DEW ブライトニングUV美容液) a facial sunscreen with anti-aging and skin-brightening effects. It was chosen for the third best sunscreen of the year on Best Cosmetics Awards by @cosme.

The beauty serum-like sunscreen essence features active skin brightening ingredient to suppress the production of melanin and prevent dark spots and freckles. It also contains Kanebo’s original moisturizing essences to reduce fine lines and leads to clear and resilient skin. The long-lasting sunscreen features friction-proof and super water-proof which is resistant to rubbing, water, sweat. (SPF50+/PA++++)

5. ORBIS Wrinkle White UV Protector

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ORBIS Wrinkle White UV Protector (オルビス リンクルホワイト UV プロテクター) is a sunscreen cream with powerful UV protection and anti-aging care. It promotes wrinkle reduction and skin brightening while protecting the skin from UV rays.

It features active ingredients such as W Niacin for wrinkle reduction and Base Enhancer WP for firm and translucent skin. It accelerates the production of collagen and prevents pigmentation and freckles by suppressing the production of melanin. The long-lasting, moisturizing sunscreen protects the skin from UV rays and dryness without sticky feeling. It also features AT Protect Formula that creates a veil on the skin that expands and contrasts according to the movement of facial expressions. (SPF50+/PA++++)

6. PRIOR White Emulsion UV

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PRIOR White Emulsion UV (プリオール おしろい美白乳液) is a multi-functional daytime moisturizer that has 6 skin care benefits: covering fine wrinkles, UV protection, makeup primer, moisturizer, skin brightening and improving skin complexion.

It features Golden Nectar EX that consists of 6 kinds of moisturizing ingredients including collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane and provides the skin rich moisture. It also contains an active brightening ingredient M-tranexamic acid that prevents age spots and freckles by reducing melanin production. The lightly tinted sunscreen emulsion contains pink pearl powder and covers signs of aging such as fine wrinkles, dark marks and uneven skin tone for naturally glowing skin without foundation. (SPF50+/PA++++)

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Thank you very much for reading! Which Japanese anti-aging sunscreens are you interested? If you wish to check out more Japanese sunscreens, I have more articles introducing the latest Japanese sunscreens for different skin type and price ranges!

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