Special Care Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2018

Best Special Care Products to Buy in Japan 2018–2019

The biggest cosmetics awards in Japan, The @cosme Best Cosmetics Awards has been revealed the latest rankings of Japanese cosmetics products in 2018! @cosme is the most influential online beauty and cosmetics portal website/shopping site in Japan. On The Best Cosmetics Awards, the best cosmetics products of the year are listed by category, and the rankings are based on the latest responses from real cosmetics users.

In this article, I’m sharing the latest ranking of top 3 special care products by items such as facial sheet masks, eyelash serum and more. Check out the best cosmetics products to buy in Japan in 2018–2019!

Best Lip Care

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Left to Right:

1st place: FLOWFUSHI LIP38℃ Lip Treatment (1,600 yen)

2nd place: NIVEA Rich Care & Color (759 yen)

3rd place: Curél Moisture Lip Care Cream ( 850 yen)

Best Eye Care

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Left to Right:

1st place: ELIXIR ELIXIR SUPERIEUR enriched wrinkle cream (5,800 yen)

2nd place: Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum (15,000 yen)

3rd place: SHISEIDO VITAL-PERFECTION Wrinklelift Cream (12,960 yen)

Best Facial Sheet Mask

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Left to Right:

1st place: KEANA NADESHIKO KEANA Rice Mask (650 yen)

2nd place: LuLuLun LULULUN FACE MASK PRECIOUS RED (7 pc 450 yen, 32 pc 1,600 yen)

3rd place: Saborino MORNING FACIAL SHEET MASK (1,300 yen)

Best Exfoliator

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Left to Right:


2nd place: TAKAMI TAKAMI Skin Peel (4,584 yen)

3rd place: SABON Face Polisher R (4,444 yen)

Best Massage

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Left to Right:

1st place: LUSH FULL OF GRACE (1,010 yen)

2nd place: est activate circulator (4,500 yen)

3rd place: ALBION EXCIA EMBEAGE MASSAGE (1,800 yen)

Best Skin Care Powder

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Left to Right:

1st place: BARE SKIN DAY SKINCARE POWDER (1,300 yen)

2nd place: baby SHISEIDO BABY POWDER PRESSED (349 yen)

3rd place: Pigeon Medicated Pressed Baby Powder (430 yen)

Best Eyelash Serum

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Left to Right:

1st place: ANGFA SCALP-D BEAUTE Pure Free Eyelash Serum (1,602 yen)

2nd place: FLOWFUSHI THE MATSUGE BIYOU-EKI (1,200 yen)

3rd place: MAJOLICA MAJORCA Lash Jelly Drop EX (950 yen)

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2018 can be found at the @cosme website! → https://us.cosme.net/bestcosmeRankings/2018)

If you wish to add a special skin care routine to particular parts of your face or body, these special care products are highly recommended! For more cosmetics rankings from other categories and the “Hall of Fame” beauty products chosen by @cosme, please check out listed articles, below!

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