Base Makeup Products: Japanese Cosmetics Ranking 2017

Best Japanese Base Makeup Products 2017–2018 from foundations to BB creams


The Best Cosmetics Awards 2017: the latest ranking of the biggest Japanese cosmetic awards of the year has just been revealed in December 2017 by the most influential Japanese beauty website, @cosme!

Today, I’m sharing top 3 products from each category of base makeup, including primers, liquid foundations, BB cream and CC cream! (from left to right)

Best Makeup Primer

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1st place. CEZANNE : Make Keep Base (600 yen: 30 ml)

2nd place. PAUL&JOE BEAUTE : Moisturizing Foundation Primer S (3,500 yen: 30 ml)

3rd place. MAQuillAGE : Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV (2,600 yen 25 ml)

Best Powder Foundation

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1st place. CHANEL : Le Blanc Whitening Compact Foundation (7,500 yen: 12 g)

2nd place. Sofina Primavista : Flawless Bare Skin Powder Foundation (3,800 yen)

3rd place. ESPRIQUE : Pure Skin Pact UV (3,800 yen: 9 g)

Best Liquid Foundation

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1st place. KATE : SECRET SKIN MAKER ZERO (liquid) (1,600 yen: 30 ml)

2nd place. RMK : Liquid Foundation (4,500 yen: 30 ml)

3rd place. Dior : DIORSKIN FOREVER (6,000 yen)

Best Cushion Foundation

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1st place. LANCÔME : Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage (6,500 yen)

2nd place. Dior : DIORSKIN FOREVER PERFECT CUSHION (6,500 yen)

3rd place. SHISEIDO : SYNCHRO SKIN GLOW Cushion Compact (5,500 yen)

Best Cream Foundation

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1st place. RMK : Gel Cream Foundation (5,000 yen: 30 g)

2nd place. ALBION : SMART SKIN VERY RARE (5,000 yen)

3rd place. RMK : Cream Foundation N (5,000 yen: 30 g)

Best Powder

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1st place. CANMAKE : Marshmallow Finish Powder (940 yen)

2nd place. COSME DECORTE : AQ MW Face Powder (5,000 yen 20 g)

3rd place. Elégance : LA POUDRE HAUTE NUANCE (10,000 yen 8.8 g)

Best Concealer

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1st place. NARS : Soft Matte Complete Concealer (3,400 yen)

2nd place. IPSA : Creative Concealer EX (3,500 yen: 4.5 g)

3rd place. Dior : FIX IT COLOUR (4,200 yen)

Best BB Cream

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1st place. LANCÔME : UV EXPERT BB (5,800 yen: 30 ml)

2nd place. d program : ALLERBARRIER ESSENCE BB (3,000 yen: 40 ml)

3rd place. MAQuillAGE : Perfect Multi Base BB (3,000 yen: 30 g)

Best CC Cream

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1st place. SEKKISEI : WHITE CC CREAM (2,600 yen: 30 g)

2nd place. CHANEL : CC CREAM (N/A)

3rd place. JILL STUART : Airy Tint Watery CC Cream (3,200 yen: 34 g)

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2017 can be found at @cosme website! → )

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