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Best Japanese Makeup Products 2017–2018


Let’s check out the latest ranking of the Japanese cosmetic awards of the year hosted by the biggest beauty and cosmetic website in Japan, @cosme! The Best Cosmetics Awards 2017 has just been revealed in December 2017, and this is the ranking of makeup products available in Japan based on real users’ voices. Here are 3 top awarded makeup products by category! (from left to right)

Best Eyeshadow

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1st place. ADDICTION : THE EYESHADOW (2,000 yen)

2nd place. excel : Skinny Rich Shadow (1,500 yen)

3rd place. ESPRIQUE : Select Eye Color (800 yen)

Best Eyeliner

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2nd place. KATE : Double Eyelid Remake Liner (1,000 yen)

3rd place. CEZANNE : Gel Eyeliner (500 yen)

Best Mascara

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1st place. OPERA : mylash Advance (951 yen)

2nd place. dejavu : Fiberwig ULTRA Long (1,500 yen)

3rd place. Kiss Me Heroine Make : Long & Curl Mascara Super WP (1,000 yen)

Best Eyebrows

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1st place. Fujiko : Mayu Tint (1,280 yen: 5 g)

2nd place. IPSA : Eyebrow Creative Palette (4,200 yen: 3.3 g)

3rd place. CEZANNE : Powder Eyebrow R (450 yen)

Best Lip Stick

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1st place. OPERA : LIP TINT (1,500 yen)


3rd place. CANMAKE : Stay-On Balm Rouge (580 yen)

Best Lip Gloss

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1st place. OPERA : SHEER LIP COLOR N (1,200 yen)

2nd place. RMK : Lip Jelly Gloss (2,200 yen)

3rd place. Dior : DIOR ADDICT ULTRA-GLOSS (3,400 yen)

Best Blush and Face Colour

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1st place. CLINIQUE : Cheek Pop (3,000 yen)

2nd place. CANMAKE : Glow Fleur Cheeks (800 yen)

3rd place. IPSA : DESIGNING FACE COLOR PALETTE (5,800 yen)

Best Nails

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1st place. NAIL HOLIC (300 yen)

2nd place. Parado : Nail Foundation (500 yen)

3rd place. INTEGRATE GRACY : Nail Color (350 yen)

(The full list of the Best Cosmetics Awards 2017 can be found at @cosme website! → )

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